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live-webcams-bali-indonesiaLive webcams Bali, which you will find on this page will allow you to make a fascinating virtual tour to one of the truly paradises place on our planet. Bali is the main resort in Indonesia and the southernmost of the popular resorts throughout South-East Asia. Despite the world-famous status of this resort, there you can not find a lot of really interesting webcams, which could convey the beauty and exoticism of Bali for those who have not yet visited this island on the edge of the Indian Ocean. And all of webcams from different regions of the island is only partially can transmit local and exotic atmosphere, which prevails at the resort, which is truly original and unique.

Location of webcams Bali

List of online webcams in Bali, which you will find below on the page, currently includes only five cameras. Three of them are installed on various beaches in the southern part of the island (the most popular tourist destination) and allow you to look at the local beaches in real time. Two other online cameras installed little bit more  north – in Ubon district, which borders occupying the entire center of the island mountain range. Webcams from this region transmit video from the safari park and allow you to see rare Sumatran elephants in the wild.

For start the video streaming from the beaches webcams in Bali, you must click on the icon «Play» in the middle of the playback window. A webcam of the safari park are run automatically after opening the page and may require re-activation only after a long period of inactivity on the page. The best time to view all live webcams Bali is a light day. This is due to the fact that artificial lighting on the island (at least in the places of installation of web cameras), or non-existent, or the amount of light from it is so small that it does not allow to enjoy Bali view webcams adequately.

How you can watch live webcams Bali

For fast loading and stable broadcast without periodic pauses, each live webcam Bali was  placed on a separate page. You can choose from the list of webcams Bali only one that you are most interested in at a given time. If you want to see in real time all of Bali webcam, you also can make it quick and easy: just open any of webcams and later simply click on the arrow above it to move to the next webcam in the list.

Website designed for fascinating virtual travel around the world, so under each of the playback window of the Bali online web cameras (or any other country or resort), there is a description of where the current webcam installed. This makes it possible not only to see a new place on our planet for you, but also to receive brief information on the camera’s location in a particular place. Under each description you can find big link to the main page with a list of all webcams for those who would like to see only certain ones.


In August 2022, 5 new webcams Bali were added. Correct descriptions will be added soon.

Live Webcam Bali – Canggu Beach

Canggu Beach, which can be seen with the help of this webcam Bali, located in the southwestern part of the island, to the west of the administrative capital – the city of Denpasar. Unlike the previous webcam on Kata Beach, this cam a little closer to the sea and below above ground level. Direct distance between the beaches of Kata and Canggu is about 10 kilometers, but the beach Canggu never crowded. This is due not only to the fact that the entire Canggu district is not as crowded as Kuta. The beach in this area of the island is quite wide, but because of the big waves it is not well suited for swimming and, especially, for a beach holiday with small children. If you open the web camera and see the swimmers people – most likely you found the rare occurrence when the sea near the shore at low tide without big waves.

Uluwatu Beach – live webcam Bali (Indonesia)

Uluwatu Beach, which you can see in real time with the help of this Bali webcam, located almost at the southernmost tip of the island, facing the west – in the direction of the central Indian Ocean. All this makes Uluwatu Resort is not just the best place for surfing on the island of Bali, but also one of the best places in the world for this sport. But beach holiday in Uluwatu area is not as popular, how on other beaches of the island, because areas for comfortable swimming there practically no. However, this does not mean that you will not find a place where you can plunge into the sea and a little swim near bank in period of good weather. But it is necessary to exercise extreme caution: avoid high waves, sharp rocks and underwater currents. A small number of people on the beaches in the area of Uluwatu in part due a small number of hotels and their more higher cost than on other resorts in Bali.

Webcam Bali – Bingin Beach in real time (HD)

Bingin beach - live webcam Bali (Indonesia)Bingin beach is located almost at the southernmost tip of the island, so getting to it from the capital of the island – the city of Denpasar – or from the popular area of Kuta beach is quite simple and such a trip will not take many time and too much money. If you are lucky enough to open this webcam in Bali at a time when the sun is shining in this area of the island, you can see the magnificent turquoise color of the ocean waves and the many surfers for whom this beach, like other beaches of Bali, has become a favorite place for classes Surfing on the island. If the weather is not too sunny, the color of the ocean waves from the height seems much less bright and pleasing to the eyes. In general, the best time to view Bali webcam on Bingin beach is the morning and evening hours. As a rule, at this time the ocean is painted in the brightest colors, and the waves are relatively low. Separately, we should mention the evening time on the beach.

Padang Padang Beach – live webcam Bali

Padang-Padang beach in Bali is located in the southern part of this tropical island, on a small peninsula of Bukit, whose name is translated from Indonesian as a “hill”. Padang-Padang beach is only two kilometers from the famous Uluwatu beach. But if the beach Uluwatu is primarily one of the best places in the world for professional surfing, Padang-Padang is a beach for a comfortable beach holiday and just a very beautiful place, one of the most picturesque on the island of Bali in Indonesia. This real-time webcam shows the territory of the Padang-Padang beach and is rotational, i. E. periodically changes the angle so that we can see not only the Indian Ocean in the vicinity of the island of Bali, but also part of the coastline. Another feature of the Padang-Padang beach is its small size. Compared to other popular Bali beaches that are several kilometers long and which you can also see with the help of live webcams of this island…

Live webcam Bali – Jimbaran Bay

New webcam Bali in real time, which is located on the territory of a five-star hotel Intercontinental Bali Resort. This hotel is located in the area of ​​one of the most popular tourist areas of the island of Bali – on the first line of the beach Dzhimabran. Jimbaran Bay, which gave its name to the beach of the same name, is located in the western part of the narrow isthmus, which connects the main part of the island of Bali with the small Bukit peninsula in the south. Jimbaran settlement is a separate administrative-territorial unit of the island with a permanent population of about 25 thousand people and an area of ​​20 square kilometers (which is 10 times larger than the area of ​​the Principality of Monaco in Europe). Ngurah Rai International Airport separates Jimbaran from the famous Kuta beach in Bali.

Balangan Beach – Live Webcam Bali (HD)

Balangan beach (Pantai Balangan) is located in the southern tip of the island of Bali, on the rocky peninsula of Bukit. Despite the small distance of Denpasar airport (only 25 km) and the neighborhood with the resort of Kuta – one of the main places of residence for tourists in Bali, Balangan beach and its surroundings are a very wild and secluded holiday destination. With this Bali webcam you can see how big there can be waves even near the shore, so Balangan beach is not the best place for beach rest and swimming. At the same time, it is the big waves that make Balangan beach an excellent place for experienced surfers. Almost at any time of the year there are a lot of those who flew to the island of Bali for the sake of surfing and you can see them on the boards in the sea. In addition to the ocean area near the beach, with the help of this camera online in the lower right corner you can see a small section of the beach (visible only at low tide).

Kuta Beach – Bali Live Webcam

kuta-beach-live-webcam-baliOne of the best of live webcam Bali, which located in the vicinity of the most popular beach in the southern part of the island – Kuta Beach. A few decades ago it was a poor fishing village. Only in the 60s of the last century the place was opened for recreation hippies from Australia. This contributed to the rapid transformation of the area into a world-famous resort, which nowadays is visited annually by thousands of tourists from around the world. Kuta Beach is no coincidence is the most popular on the island. Firstly, in the area of Kuta you can find the longest on the Bali island beaches of white sand. Secondly, Denpasar International Airport is located just 7 kilometers from the resort. Yes, and the resort town of Kuta already almost merged with the administrative center of the island of Bali, becoming a suburb of the capital.


Webcam Bali – Karma Beach in real time (HD)

Karma Beach live webcam Bali (Indonesia)New webcam on the island of Bali, which carries live coverage from the Karma beach, which is very different from most other beaches on the island. Karma Beach is located on the southernmost tip of the island of Bali (Indonesia), and it not free beach, ie for visiting this place will have to pay. And by the way, the price of a visit at first glance seems very high for such resort as Bali – about 19 USD (at the rate in local currency). However, when you learn that it’s not just the cost of the visit, but also the opportunity to fully relax for long time – the price does not seem so high, especially when you know, that in this price includes drinks and snacks. By the way, you can visit the beach Karma as a VIP and get an even greater range of services, but in this case the input costs more than 75 USD per person. To get to the stunning Karma beach near the village of Ungasan, you can from the area of Seminyak use a taxi and the fare will be in the range 12-13 USD per vehicle.

Keramas Beach – Live Webcam Bali

Keramas beach - Bali live webcamNew live webcam Bali in Indonesia, which allows you to see one more area of this popular tropical resort. A placement of this webcam is Keramas beach, which is on the south-eastern shore of Bali, not far from the administrative capital of the island. To get here from Denpasar can be only 10-15 minutes, and from the main airport of the island – a half hour. Despite the fairly large length, Keramas Beach is not too popular with tourists, who prefer classic beach holiday. This is due to the fact that too large waves on the beach does not allow to experience the pleasure of swimming in the sea. And often swimming in this beach can even be dangerous, especially for children, because in addition to big waves in some places there are small sharp reefs. However, there is on the beach and the several features that distinguish it from most other beaches in Bali.

Elephant pond in Safari Park – Bali webcam

This Bali live webcam is located in the famous on the island safari park: Elephant Safari Park and Lodge. The park belongs to the international couple (he is from Australia, she – a native of the island of Bali), and there were all the conditions for the salvation of endangered Sumatran elephants in the living conditions that are as close to natural. The park itself is quite an impressive area (3.5 hectares) and is located in the Taro village, which in turn is located in the vicinity of Ubud. On the territory of the safari park is now home to twenty-seven elephants, and this is the largest population of these animals on the island. If we talk specifically about this webcam Bali, is in the foreground can be seen a large pond, which is used for daily by elephants bathing and watering place.

Elephant trail in Safari Park – Bali webcam

Another webcam from Elephant Safari Park and Lodge on Bali island. Safari Park was opened in 1997 and now it contains 27 elephants of different ages and gender. Unlike many other similar places, this is not an ordinary elephant village, which was created for the entertainment of tourists. Elephants living in the park belong to one of three species of Asian elephants – Sumatran. Large-scale deforestation across Indonesia has led to a sharp decline in the population of this species for more than 80%. Today officially refers to the kind of on the verge of total annihilation, because the places with the natural habitat conditions and a sufficient amount of plant food in the whole of Indonesia there is not much. And if you are not going in the near future to visit the island of Bali, you can see these majestic and intelligent animals only with webcams from Safari Park.

You may have already relaxed on the island of Bali and you will not see with the help of these online webcams nothing new. But, on the other hand, many people make virtual travel not only to see something new and unknown. No less interesting to see the favorite resort, city or beach at any time, even when you are thousands of kilometers away and very want to come back. If you know any other interesting Bali webcam, you can write about it in the comments at the bottom of this page. Enjoy watching!


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