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live-webcams-turkeyLive webcams Turkey, the best and most current collection of which is available on this page, help to convey the beauty of this south country, which washed by several seas and features a wonderfully rich natural world and historical heritage. Currently, on the various resorts in Turkey and in the cities of this country, you can find a lot of web cameras installed in the most interesting places, but to create a really good selection of cameras was not easy, because many of the alleged webcam, which can be found in the free access the Internet, no longer work. Also you can see a lot of webcams with very poor the picture quality, so if you will watch those webcams, you no take pleasure from this. Fortunately, after a long and persistent search for better Turkey live webcams, their finally managed to find and add to this site.

Unlike some other countries and resorts, in Turkey was found such webcams, which is really interesting and very quality. By this is meant that the cameras broadcast exactly the video stream, for which amateurs of Turkey and numerous resorts of this country enter to the Internet, but not the usual slideshow, in which the refresh interval images, may be short – a few seconds, and is not interesting – 10 minutes up to half an hour. Such slow video slideshow is not fun to watch. It is much easier in this case to find on the internet beautiful and vivid photos of Turkish cities and resorts, which are made using high-quality cameras and with high-quality lighting technology. Or even watch a few videos on YouTube.

The best and most interesting live webcams Turkey primarily obliged to provide an opportunity to see in real-time best beaches of resort with big or small waves, palm trees, which swinging from a light sea breeze, reflected from the salt water solar flares, luxury hotels or picturesque bungalows on the coast, colorful beaches, etc. These are the online cameras that allow the maximum way to achieve the effect of presence, you can find in list on this page. Unfortunately, in this time these cameras still could not be found on all the popular resorts of Turkey, but our search continues, and I am sure that they would have found much more in the near future. In the meantime, the site added to the webcam, are of high quality images thanks to HD resolution and working, as a rule, around the clock.

Due to the large number already added live webcams Turkey and their even larger increase in the near future, to speed up the loading of web cameras and in order to save internet traffic, every webcam was placed on separate pages. Go to any of the available for viewing webcams you can through list of webcams with direct links below. Also annular principle organized for the convenience of visitors to the site: when you open any live webcam Turkey from the list below, you will be able to move quickly to viewing the following web cameras via a single click (the arrow at the top of the page). Also on each page of the webcam (under a text describing a location) there is a link that will take you to the this main page where you can quickly choose any of Turkey webcam from the list without having to view those that you are not interested.


Webcam Alanya (Turkey) – Cleopatra Beach


With this online webcams Turkey you can see, perhaps, the most famous beach of the Mediterranean in this country, which is located in Alanya – the most southern resort of Turkey. This beach is located in the city of Alanya, if viewed from the sea, to the left of the rocky headland with the ancient fortress at the top, separating the resort into two parts. Cleopatra Beach in Alanya (Kleopatra beach) has a length of about two kilometers, and thus differs unusual seawater cleanliness. This circumstance and careful maintenance of clean sandy beach strips allow it for many years proudly hang a well-deserved award – the Blue Flag (mark of conformity to the strictest environmental standards). Speaking about the name of this beach, we can recall the old legend, according to which the famous Egyptian queen loved the beach, but did not love sand, which was available in then time.

Alanya Webcam – Embankment and Red Tower 

Alanya Webcam – Embankment and Red TowerLive webcam of Kemer, which is available on this page, perfectly complements a selection of Turkish webcams on In addition, at the moment it is the only full-fledged web-cam of Kemer resort and in the surrounding area of this resort, available for public viewing. The new webcam is located on the territory of a luxury five-star hotel: Amara Dolce Vita Luxury Resort, which is located on the first line from the sea, in close proximity to the beautiful beach with a length of over 600 meters. Webcam Kemer work around the clock (in the evening switches to black and white mode) and seven days a week, at the same time provides the video broadcast in high definition that allows everybody to consider in detail the territory of this hotel and actual situation on the beach area. Kemer no way inferior to the popularity of Marmaris, where there are currently a lot of web-cameras in real time.

Central Beach in Marmaris – Webcam Turkey

main-beach-in-marmaris-webcam-turkeySurrounded by magnificent pine forests and near picturesque bay, where meet the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, Marmaris resort attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. And those who once discovered this resort, will certainly want to go back there and, among other things, take a stroll along the picturesque promenade of Marmaris and swim in clean water at a beautiful beach resort. For those who currently can not afford to go back to Turkey, it is possible to take a virtual trip to this resort – with the help posted on this page live webcam Turkey from Marmaris, as well as by other webcams of this resort, which were added  on the pages As the brightest representative of the Turkish Riviera, Marmaris boasts an excellent infrastructure, a large number of sunny days per year, lush southern vegetation and magnificent beaches

Panoramic webcam in Marmaris (Turkey)


Square 19 May (Youth Square) in Marmaris, which has become the main venue for outdoor concerts, various shows and Turkish public holidays, is a favorite vacation spot of locals and resort guests. In a central point of the square is a large fountain, which not only adorns the town square in the daytime, but also allows you to enjoy the original light show at night. The show begins at 21-00 and 22-30 in the evening and lasts about 15 minutes. It was at this time in the area come many tourists who want to see a reality show with a harmonious combination of water, music and colored light. Webcam on the Square May 19 (Youth Square) in Marmaris is rotating. This means that you have the opportunity to see this city square and everything, what happens on this square, from several angles.

Beach and Amazing Marmaris  bay – Webcam Turkey

 beach-and-marmaris-bay-webcam-turkeyLocated on the shore of the picturesque bay of Marmaris resort famous for its excellent conditions for beach holidays. With this webcam you can see the extensive area of well organized beach of Marmaris, with wide walkways, beautiful palm trees, neat beach umbrellas on sun loungers along the edge of the water and beach cafes. Marmaris is one of Turkey’s most prestigious resorts in the most developed and almost european. Perfect conditions for recreation here due to good weather almost all year round (more than 300 sunny days) and a calm sea. The bay of Marmaris, which you can consider using this webcam online Turkey, is protected from the open sea with help the large peninsula with high mountains. This natural protection and solid seabed in the Marmaris bay, makes water it incredibly clean (you can see many meters in depth).

Yacht marina in Marmaris – webcam Turkey

view-to-the-yacht-marina-in-marmaris-webcam-turkeyOne more webcam Turkey in real time from Marmaris, which is broadcast around the clock from the yacht marina resort. The local harbor is perfect for yachts, because in the Gulf of Marmaris is never see big waves, which could damage the Parked boats, boats and yachts. This is due to the fact that the bay of Marmaris, protects from the waves from the open sea a large peninsula. As a result of this natural protection, Marmaris has become one of the best places in Turkey for parking equipment for yachts. By the way, the yacht marina, which is currently located in front of the webcam lens – not only  most biggest on this resort, but the largest in the whole of Turkey too. At the moment on this yacht marina is equipped  650 parking places for yachts, and the distance between adjacent berths ranging from 40 to 70 meters.

View to the Icmeler beach in Turkey – live webcam

icmeler-beach-in-turkey-live-webcamBeach Icmeler in Turkey, which you can see with the help of this live webcam, is located about three kilometers to the south-west of the more well-known and large Turkish resort of Marmaris. If desired, between these points you can take a walk along the sea or take advantage of this taken in the hotel or hire bicycles. In contrast to the little bit noisy and more youth of Marmaris with its many clubs and discos, Icmeler likely can be attributed to the resorts for a measured family vacation. Here you can find even more greenery – flowers, shrubs and trees, as well as a more relaxed and clean water to the resort beach, which is precisely the main object of this webcam. You will notice a small marina for pleasure boats in the foreground in front of the webcam lens.

Panoramic view in Belek – webcam Turkey

panoramic-view-in-belek-webcam-turkeyPresented on the page Turkish live webcam installed on the territory of luxury hotel Xanadu Resort in Belek, which offers all its guests a truly five-star service and a lot of pleasant memories after they stayed in it. The hotel stands out among the many other. Boasting an excellent location – in the central part of the resort of Belek – and a vast territory, which are located 3 freeform outdoor pool, one indoor and one children’s pool, two tennis courts, specially equipped places for picnics in the garden, spa and many other things, about whom can only dream of during a holiday in Turkey. Also hotel has access to its own private beach with sun beds and umbrellas, because Xanadu Resort Hotel is located on the first line from the sea. The hotel, which takes guests on the system “all inclusive”, fairly new – was put into operation in 2000, while in the off-season is constantly improved and updated.

Xanadu Resort Hotel – Live Webcam Turkey

xanadu-resort-hotel-live-webcam-turkeyThe second online webcam from Turkey Xanadu Resort Hotel is located in such a way that its objective mainly gets one of the three large outdoor pools – antique. The name is due to its architectural features: a swimming pool surrounded by classical antique columns, and in the center of the pool is also located a stone platform with antique columns. At the bottom of the webcam can be seen water cascade, resembling its appearance one of the main attractions of Turkey – Pamukkale. On the right side you can see a part of the right wing of the main hotel. Also in the background, just outside the ancient pool, you can see a large amphitheater, where the hotel guests have the opportunity to have fun, watching the evening performances for entertainment and concerts of local and foreign entertainers.

Sea and beach at the hotel Xanadu Island (Bodrum)

sea-and-beach-at-the-hotel-xanadu-island-bodrumThis webcam Turkey in real-time is located  in an elegant five-star hotel Xanadu Island, which is located in the vicinity of Bodrum in the southwest of the popular resort. Despite its name, the hotel is not on the island, and on a long promontory jutting out into the sea of the Bodrum Peninsula, which have a complex shape and area hotel occupying it entirely. Five-star hotel Xanadu Island is one of the best in the resort, and for its location and did not have analogues. Most rooms boast spectacular panoramic views of the sea, and this is not accidental, because the cozy villas and cottages are located on the perimeter of a narrow cape. At the same time many of them have their own private swimming pools located on a high bank over the sea. In the foreground of this webcam Turkey in Bodrum can see the main pool, which adorn the picturesque palm trees on the perimeter.

Beach in Bodrum live – panoramic webcam Turkey

With this new webcam in Turkey, we can see the famous Bodrum resort in real time. The city is located in the south-western part of Turkey on the peninsula of the same name, which is washed by the waters of the pure Aegean Sea. The main attraction of Bodrum is a beautiful sea bay, part of which we can see with this online webcam. Just about 30 thousand people live in the city, however, because of the large number of tourists in the summer months, this figure is significantly increasing. The webcam is set high above sea level, so we can see a very extensive stretch of the city, the sea bay and the mountains that protect the resort from the north and east winds. Perhaps in history lessons at school you have heard of the city of Halicarnassus. On the ruins of this city in our days a located Bodrum.

Live webcam Bodrum (Turkey) – Gumbet panorama

This Turkey webcam is located in the popular beach resort of Bodrum on the Aegean coast. However, the sea view, which you can see with this camera, is located a few kilometers from the center of Bodrum – in the resort village of Gumbet. The same-name bay of this resort annually attracts a large number of tourists from around the world. As you can see, Gumbet Bay is well protected from big waves by two long capes, called Inceburun and Adaburun. One of these capes separates Gumbet from the east directly from Bodrum. Such a good location makes the rest on the beaches of Gumbet comfortable and safe. And the presence of all the necessary infrastructure on the beaches can satisfy the most diverse needs of guests of the resort.

Street of bars in Gumbet (Bodrum) – Turkey webcam

This is Turkey’s second webcam in the resort village of Gumbet, one of the districts of Bodrum. Unlike the first webcam, which is located on the coast and provides an overview of the sea panorama of the Gumbet Bay, this webcam shows one of the coastal quarters of this town. Gumbet gained the greatest fame thanks to the active nightlife. Resting here, you have the opportunity every day to visit several bars and for a few weeks not visit all bars, because there are more than 50 of them here. Also in the village of Gumbet there are several well-known night discos. As a result, you can see the greatest activity of guests of the resort not in the daytime, when tourists sleep off after a stormy night in hotel rooms or relax on the beach, but after dark. Since the webcam is in the city, we can observe life at the resort and at night, thanks to good artificial lighting.

Turkey webcam – Golden Sand beach (Didim)

New Turkey webcam on the west coast of this country. With this webcam, we can see the main beach of the Turkish resort Didim in real time. Due to the fine golden sand, the locals gave the beach the name Altinkum. If you translate the name of the word from the Turkish language, the name of the beach will be “Golden Sand”. For the cleanliness and convenience of the main beach of the resort Didyma was awarded the Blue Flag. Turkey webcam is located in the western part of Altinkum beach, which is about 800 meters long. Due to the fact that the resort Didim is located on the shore of a horseshoe-shaped bay, we have the opportunity to see most of the coastline of this resort. As you can see, the strip of sand in this part of the beach is not very wide, but there is enough space to accommodate sun loungers and parasols.

Sea and promenade in Didim – Turkey webcam

This Turkey webcam is located in the sea resort Didim. This resort for many reasons is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, because the city is located in a very picturesque area on the coast of the clean Aegean Sea. Probably the only drawback of this resort for some is the lack of its own airport. Therefore, those tourists who arrive in Turkey for a holiday in Didim use the nearest international airport in Izmir (about 100 km) or Bodrum airport (about 80 kilometers by road). On the other hand, the absence of airplanes makes the rest more quiet and relaxed, and the roads in Turkey are very beautiful and even the trip from the airport is quite fascinating. Like Turkey’s first webcam in the Didim resort, the second is also located near the main beach of this resort.

Live Webcam in Kemer (Turkey) (inactive)

live-webcam-in-kemer-turkeyLive webcam of Kemer, which is available on this page, perfectly complements a selection of Turkish webcams on In addition, at the moment it is the only full-fledged web-cam of Kemer resort and in the surrounding area of this resort, available for public viewing. The new webcam is located on the territory of a luxury five-star hotel: Amara Dolce Vita Luxury Resort, which is located on the first line from the sea, in close proximity to the beautiful beach with a length of over 600 meters. Webcam Kemer work around the clock (in the evening switches to black and white mode) and seven days a week, at the same time provides the video broadcast in high definition that allows everybody to consider in detail the territory of this hotel and actual situation on the beach area. Kemer no way inferior to the popularity of Marmaris, where there are currently a lot of web-cameras in real time.

Currently, in the list of best live webcams Turkey you can find only 10 cameras, some of which are mounted on the Mediterranean resorts, and some – on the Aegean Sea. I remind you that for viewing on your computer or laptop must be installed Adobe Flash Player. More information about this plugin, as well as potential problems in viewing, you can read on the page “How to watch live webcam on” Search of interesting webcams in Turkey will continue to in the coming months, and i hope everyone could make a fascinating journey to other resorts in the country too. Stay tuned for updates and I wish you all a pleasant view live webcams Turkey!


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