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This Bali live webcam is located in the famous on the island safari park: Elephant Safari Park and Lodge. The park belongs to the international couple (he is from Australia, she – a native of the island of Bali), and there were all the conditions for the salvation of endangered Sumatran elephants in the living conditions that are as close to natural. The park itself is quite an impressive area (3.5 hectares) and is located in the Taro village, which in turn is located in the vicinity of Ubud. On the territory of the safari park is now home to twenty-seven elephants, and this is the largest population of these animals on the island.

If we talk specifically about this webcam Bali, is in the foreground can be seen a large pond, which is used for daily by elephants bathing and watering place, as well as the equipped safari park land, which in some way serves the role of a botanical garden. A feature of the park is that you can just visit with the purpose of sightseeing, but for  live in it for several days too, surrounded by untouched nature and rare animals, which are due to the massive deforestation in Indonesia are on the verge of extinction. On the official website of Elephant Safari Park and Lodge, you can book a comfortable bungalow in a safari park and, if desired, to take part in caring for the animals: in bathing the elephants, feeding them, etc.

Of course, you will have the opportunity and take a ride on the backs of these mighty herbivores. To do this, not far from the park there is a large fenced plot of Indonesian virgin forest with a specially paved pathway. At the top left of the window webcam playback are virtual buttons, with which you can zoom in and out objects in the video. The same can be done using a mouse wheel. A button to the right, left, up and down will help to focus your attention on a specific object. For example, for watching a  baby elephant, which bathe in the pond. Webcam works around the clock, but it is better to look in daylight in good weather. Enjoy watching!

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  1. Dillan

    Very cute baby elephant!

  2. Anne

    Horrible place – elephants do not live as a herd. They are chained when they are not walking round and round and round with overweight tourists on their backs. Nothing about elephant conservation in the so-called “museum”. It is just a commercial venture fronting as wildlife venture. I felt sick after visiting here – don’t go!!!

    1. Director

      Thank you for your feedback, Anne!

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