The best live webcams Krakow

The best live webcams KrakowTop live webcams of Krakow, which you will find on this page, provide an excellent opportunity to watch real-time, this beautiful Polish city with a rich history. Using those webcams, you can make an exciting virtual journey to the  most popular attractions of Krakow, see the main squares and most important streets of this city. In addition to classical Krakow webcams, on this page you will find a modern panoramic camera, which periodically change their viewing direction, allowing you to eventually become better acquainted with the peculiarities of the city’s architecture and feel the atmosphere reigning in the streets.

Krakow is a beautiful and original city, which sooner or later must visit every traveler. So here are located online webcams are very interesting to watch. Unlike online webcam Warsaw, which let you see the modern metropolis with tall buildings and wide avenues, this collection primarily allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient town with its picturesque market square, narrow streets and several beautiful Catholic churches in the center of this city. Since all of webcams Krakow located in the city, you can watch them at any time. With this you can see that in the daytime and at night this city looks different. However, you can also notice that at any time (except late at night), on the streets of Krakow a lot of tourists.

All of the webcams Krakow, which you can find on this page, have a sufficiently high resolution and good detalisation. To save Internet traffic, for greater convenience and to accelerate video downloads, all live webcam Krakow placed on individual pages of the site, where there is a more detailed description for each of the chambers. Also for the convenience of those who would like to see not any one from the list, and all all the cameras in Krakow, organized browsing in a circle: you simply open one of the webcams of the city from the list below on the page and then just move on to viewing the next camera with a single click on the arrow above the playback.

Most of Krakow webcams start automatically after the page loads. Some web browsers to start showing you need to click on the arrow in the playback window and wait a few seconds to load the video stream. Once again I remind you that like all webcams from Poland or other countries, all of live webcams Krakow require that you have installed on your computer, smartphone or tablet Adobe Flash Player and activate this plug-in.


1. Webcam Krakow – a view to the Wawel Castle

Webcam Krakow – a view to the Wawel Castle★ With using this webcam in Krakow, you can admire the general views of the large Royal Palace – the Wawel Castle, which is located on a high hill near the river. The smooth curves of the river, which served as a natural protective construction of the castle in turbulent times, also fall into the lens. According to the water surface of the river periodically float small excursion boats with tourists, and along the river banks are anchored floating cafe, where many tourists can taste the dishes of Polish cuisine and local drinks while admiring the contours of the palace complex on the hill, the green banks of the river and many bridges. Speaking of tourists in the city: the Wawel Castle is a major, although not the only attraction of Krakow, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that tourists in the castle district very much in any season of the year. Even with the help of the Krakow webcam overlooking the Wawel castle, you can see this: in the lower left corner of the screen play webcam is easy to see the many tourist buses which are lined up in serried ranks on a specially designed for this parking.

2. Live webcam Krakow – Old Market Square

Live webcam Krakow – Old Market Square★ Another one cult place in Krakow, which is the center of attraction for tourists. This webcam in Krakow online allows you to see not the entire area, but only part of it, which is located next to the main temple in this part of town – a grand church of St. Mary. Old Market Square is one of the largest in Europe, as can be seen by noting its size in the frame relative to the pedestrians are on it. On the left side of the webcam window can be seen one of the most beautiful buildings of Cracow (in my opinion, from this perspective it is not very noticeable) – Cloth Hall, which divides this old market square into two parts (the second part of a little less than this). The building, constructed in the 13th century and rebuilt in stone in the 14th century in the Gothic style, is very picturesque and is a real gem of Krakow’s Main Market Square. Currently inside Cloth Hall located long gallery with its many souvenir shops with an excellent selection of magnets on the fridge, products from amber, wood, metal, clay, gypsum, etc.

3. Panoramic webcam Krakow – Town Hall and Market Square

Panoramic webcam Krakow – Town Hall and Market Square★ This original panoramic webcam is located in the center of Krakow and allows real-time to see almost all territory of the Old Market Square (or as it is called themselves the people of Krakow – Main Market Square). Due to the periodic change of the angle – as a result of the smooth rotation of the camera – you can see not only the old town hall (when webcam turns in left side) and the Cloth Hall in the center of the square. When webcam Krakow turns in right side, you can see St. Mary’s Church, which attracts the eye with its beautiful architecture with asymmetrical towers and the fact that every hour on the high tower open windows and trumpeter, is the action of an employee of the city fire department, plays St. Mary’s trumpet Call – time signal. After this action all gathered at the square tourists applaud and trumpeter waving from the windows and closes them until their next appearance in an hour. Main Town Hall, which can be seen at the moment when the camera moves to the left, fits perfectly into the architectural ensemble of the Market Square and its complementing harmoniously.

4. Live webcam Krakow – street with churches

Live webcam Krakow – street with churchesThe original webcam Krakow, set in the old part of the city so that the lens gets several beautiful Catholic churches, as well as part of the street Gradskaya. In the foreground – The Church of Saints Peter and Paul, which was built in the late 16th century in the style of Roman Baroque (the first time in Krakow). Before the church of the small can be seen on the patio area and a decorative wrought-iron fence decorated with 12 large statues of apostles, mounted on pedestals. Today, the temple belongs to the famous Jagiellonian University. The temple features a luxurious front facade (which is now underway, some restoration work) and only a modest interior decoration. A little further on in the frame can be seen one more beautiful church, built of white stone and brick. This is the church of St. Andrew, which is one of the oldest in Krakow, since it was built back in the 11th century and then rebuilt a little bit in the 13th century.

5. Webcam Krakow: view from Grodzka Street

Webcam Krakow - view from Grodzka Street★ From this live webcam Krakow offers views of the historic area of the city with Grodzka Street. Area quite lively, so the lens webcam is always a large number of tourists and hastening on the affairs of local residents. Also in the line of sight camera are tram lines which are the backbone of public transport in Krakow. Running this web camera is performed automatically after the page loads (with a slow Internet connection, wait 10-30 seconds). In some browsers you may need to run in manual mode: To view, please click the left mouse button on the playback window, not necessarily in the center, where at the inactive camera visible icon Play (triangle in a circle). Similar action should be performed, if the reproduction is stopped after a long view. Grodzka Street (or Town Street), located in the heart of Krakow and has a length of approximately 400 meters.

Now this collection of online webcams Krakow is completed, but in the future we hope to add to it a few more interesting cameras, if will  they become available. Also you must know that  earlier placed on this list  of  live webcams Krakow from the street Florianska in Krakow and webcam online directly from the St Mary’s church are no longer available because they were dismantled.


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