Live webcams Venice (Italy) – World Heritage

Live webcams Venice (Italy) – World HeritageThe best webcam in Venice, which are represented on this page allow you to make a fascinating tour of one of the most popular cities in the world. Located on the islands of the Adriatic Sea, the city annually attracts the attention of millions of tourists who visit Venice as a part of organized tours, as well as their own. An important advantage of online webcams in Venice in front of web cameras from other European cities is the fact that this picturesque Italian city throughout the year, not just in the summer. And even in those  days when the rain in Venice, the city is still bright and festive.

And when in the sky the sun shines brightly, you can be sure: the picturesque canals of Venice with emerald water and beautiful palazzo on their banks leave the most vivid impressions. Even in cases where you do not present a walk through this city, and the virtual – with the help of online webcams in Venice. Venice is not simply one of the oldest cities in Europe, which is interesting only for its age and architecture. It is a unique city, which is unusual, first of all, its concept. Everybody knows that a house in Venice, built on piles, and instead of the usual of the city streets here  water channels.

In this connection, the locals are buying for moving around the city is not cars, but boats, or used for the crossing from one bank to the other traditional Venetian gondolas, which you can also see online using webcams on this page. Unfortunately, some of the buildings in Venice need of major repairs, and some have already impossible to save. It is believed that the rise in sea level, which is accelerating, most of Venice is will be flooded. Perhaps this is why so many tourists visit Venice every year – they’re just trying to have time to see the city until it will go under water.

Venice is called the city of lovers and the most romantic city in the world. And it’s hard not to agree, when we see the elegant apartment buildings, luxurious palaces, magnificent palaces and cathedrals, and, of course, slowly floating in the canals gondola. In addition, this city’s reputation has arisen for the reason that it was in Venice, was born and lived for many years the most famous lover and adventurer Casanova. Venice – a city-holiday, which is particularly noticeable during the annual spring carnival. By the way, with the help of several Venice webcams, which are represented in this collection, you can see the members of the carnival in the most unusual and colorful masks.

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Because in Venice have only two city squares, most webcams are located next to the canals and the bay of San Marco. However, several webcams located on the famous squares of Venice and allow you to see the most important architectural sights of this unique city, which is almost entirely included in the list of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Popularity of Venice is so high that some countries and hotels, even copying large parts of the city to attract tourists. For example, a ride on a gondola and cross the Rialto bridge today can be in a hotel-casino in Macao and some other major hotels in the world. But copy – it’s always a copy, and it will never give such emotions as the original.

All Venice webcams placed on separate pages, so you can save Internet traffic, and loading pages will be the fastest. The majority of Venice webcams in real time run immediately after opening the page. Since a large number of broadcast webcams organized with the help of YouTube, you can choose the quality of online video from Venice, including HD and FullHD quality (select the resolution of the video you can in a standard way of YouTube video – by clicking on the gear wheel at the bottom right of the screen).

Also you have the opportunity to expand the video to full screen. Currently, all of Venice webcam broadcast full live video, but later will be added a few more online web cameras that operate in the mode of fast slide show. Under each of the Venice webcams has a brief description of the place where the camera is installed and that you can see when using it. And to quickly move to the next webcam Venice you have to make just one click on the arrow above the playback window.


1. Rialto Bridge in Venice – live webcam

Rialto Bridge in Venice – live webcam 2With this webcam Venice you can see one of the main attractions of this romantic city in Italy. Rialto Bridge – the oldest bridge on the Grand Canal in Venice, which is associated with a number of interesting facts. Initially, the bridge connecting between two separate islands, was made of wood, but after several fires the city authorities decided to make a new bridge made of stone. For this purpose were used ideas from several progressive architects. Also for the stability of the bridge during the construction of pillars in the Grand Canal were hammered a few thousand piles. Since no one has previously built the bridges of stone through the canals of Venice, many locals with great distrust to this idea and they could not believe that the bridge will be completed and, moreover, that this bridge will be very stable and durable. According to legend, one of the residents said that he would rather believe in what he has to grow a 3-th leg, than that will be built a bridge of stone across the Grand Canal.

2. St. Mark’s Bay – Live webcam Venice

St. Mark’s Bay – Live webcam VeniceOne of the most popular online Venice webcams that let you enjoy a magnificent view of St. Mark’s Bay. Even in cloudy weather, the bay is very picturesque, and when in Venice is bright sunshine, the Bay of St. Mark and located on its shores palaces and cathedrals delight your eyes with the brightest colors. In the foreground you can see a number of small berths for excursion ships and yachts, as well as a wide promenade of Venice, where many tourists usually come to explore the famous city on water. Also on the right you can see small bridges that were built over the narrow city canals. And only a little further from the place of location this webcam can see several main attractions of Venice, whose names are on everyone’s lips. First of all, it is famous Doge’s Palace, which should definitely visit during your holiday in Venice, because it is not only a masterpiece of medieval architecture, not only outside but also inside.

3. Webcam Venice – Rialto Bridge from Palazzo Bembo

Webcam Venice – Rialto Bridge from Palazzo BemboEven if you have never been to Venice, you’ve probably heard of the Grand Canal, which crosses the city and divides it into two parts. In fact, the Grand Canal is not a structure that once made by people. This is a natural strait with a width of 30 to 70 meters, which shares some Islands of Venice. Grand Canal length is 3800 meters, but the entire length of the canal, there is only 4  bridge. Rialto Bridge, which can be seen with the help of this webcam Venice, built in the narrowest point of the Grand Canal and at the same time is the oldest, which is well preserved to this day from the 16th century. The bridge got its name thanks to the famous eponymous city blocks Rialto on one of the islands of Venice. By the way, a famous local market also have this name, as well you can find in the city the church of San Giacomo di Rialto. Building of stone Rialto Bridge was started in 1588 and lasted three years.

4. Webcam Venice – Campo Santa Maria Formosa

Campo Santa Maria Formosa - live webcam VeniceThis live webcam Venice allows you to make a fascinating virtual tour of one of the oldest quarters of the city – in the area of Campo Santa Maria Formosa. This place is often called the Venice’s heart, where love to be not only tourists but also local residents, as well as students. Located Campo Santa Maria Formosa, in the center of Venice, which is located east of the Grand Canal. With this webcam you can see the medieval square and its surrounding buildings, in the architecture of which immediately visible to all the familiar Venetian motifs. The area is paved with stone paving stones, which over the centuries has become very smooth and now it shines in the sun, especially in the morning. The main architectural attraction of the area and the whole area is the Church of Santa Maria Formosa, which you can see with the help of this webcam Venice (church and an attached right high bell tower located in the upper right corner).

5. Chioggia Sottomarina – Live Webcam Venice

Chioggia Sottomarina - live webcam VeniceThis webcam is located in the popular seaside resort in the north-eastern part of Italy. The island resort called Sottomarina and bordering the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea, the coast of which you can see with the help of this online webcams. The opposite (western) side of the  Sottomarina  island bordered by the Venice lagoon and the south – the river Brenta, which separates the island from mainland Italy. Due to the fact that in Venice itself no large sandy beaches, many tourists and locals choose as a place of a beach holiday is the resort Sottomarina. That is why web cam from the coast of the Adriatic Sea is included in the compilation of Venice online webcams. First of all, in the foreground you can see the modern highway, and later you can see outside of a road  – the territory of wide beach, which occupies almost the entire length of the east coast of the island.

6.  Grand Canal – Venice live webcam (HD-quality)

With this new webcam you can see the most famous street in Venice in real time. Of course, the word “street” in this case implies not a carriageway for cars and sidewalks for pedestrians. The Grand Canal in Venice is the city’s main thoroughfare on the water, the widest and most beautiful of the city’s water canals. Not everyone knows, but the Grand Canal is a channel by designation, and not by its original essence. After all, this is not an artificial structure that is intended for water transport, but a natural channel between the islands, which was slightly deepened by the inhabitants of the city to improve navigation. Since there are about a hundred palaces (palazzo) on the banks of the Grand Canal, the inhabitants of Venice often call it the Palace Canal, and this name well characterizes the beauty of this place. The new webcam is located on the facade of the Hotel San Cassiano, which is located in the central part of the city and simultaneously in the central part of the Grand Canal (ie closer to the northern part of the city).


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