The best webcams Hurghada – TOP-10

The best webcams Hurghada – TOP-10The best Hurghada webcams placed on the page allow you to instantly travel thousands of kilometers to hot and sunny Egypt and watch the life of the famous resort of Hurghada, located on the Red Sea coast in the northern part of the African continent, regardless of your location. Fresh list of webcams includes installed primarily in tourist places online webcams Hurghada, because it is the beaches and the sea are the main attractions of the resort. Also with the help of some cameras you can see in real time the territory of luxury hotels in Hurghada and several other interesting objects for review. An important advantage of webcams is the fact that they work in full-fledged online mode and, as a rule, around the clock (of course, the day view is more picturesque).

It was not the easiest task to make a high-quality selection of live webcams Hurghada (as well as other Egyptian resorts), as more than 95% of Egypt’s webcams that are opened while searching the Internet have not been working for several years and besides the static picture made on The location of the camera at the time when it was still working, you can not see anything. There are also several webcams that broadcast not in video format, but in a slideshow format, but the update of the picture is so rare that I did not even include such cameras in the collection. Moreover, as a result of all the months of effort, we managed to find several webcams that work stably and allow us to see Hurghada in real time mode.

Due to some technical difficulties and also to save traffic and download the cameras interesting for you as soon as possible, they were all posted on separate pages. In this case, any of the cameras you can immediately selected from the list below for viewing and this webcam of Hurghada will quickly open in a new window. For convenience, below, in addition to the links, you can read a brief description of each of the webcams, ie. A description of what you can see with their help. And thanks to the carousel organization, you can quickly move on to the following Hurghada webcams with a single click – you need to click once on the arrow at the top (above the webcam playback window).

Also I want to note at once that to view in your browser, the Adobe Flash Player plug-in must be installed (including when viewing webcams on tablets or Android smartphones). Unfortunately. You will not be able to watch the best Hurghada webcams if you use iPhone. As you can see, this page is called “The best webcams of Hurghada – Top-10”. However, on the page during your visit there can be as many from 7-8 active webcams, and more than 10 (webcams that are not active for several days are temporarily removed from the list). Finally, I add that in the selection of web cameras in Hurghada there are several cameras from the nearest resorts that are increasingly becoming independent, but still administratively belong to Hurghada because of the close location and use of the international airport of this city for tourists.


1. Live webcam Hurghada – View of the Red Sea

Live webcam Hurghada – View of the Red SeaThe popular webcam of Hurghada, located on the territory of the classy hotel Siva Grand Beach, located on the very shore of the Red Sea, just 4 kilometers from the airport of Hurghada and 8 kilometers to the south of the city center, to which all hotel guests can daily travel to Absolutely free shuttle-bass (more precisely, included in the cost of living in the hotel). Hotel Siva Grand Beach has a beautiful territory, with neat paths and plants. First of all, these are picturesque date palms, which can be seen with the help of this web camera online from Hurghada. A large number of these trees creates a pleasant shade during the daytime heat, and a beautiful thick crown and hanging bunches of large date fruits with each glance at them pleases the eye and remind you in which country you are.

2. Panoramic webcam Hurghada – beach and Red Sea

Panoramic webcam Hurghada – beach and Red SeaPanoramic webcam Hurghada, which thanks to the pivot mechanism allows you to cover a much larger area of the coast. The image is quite high resolution, so with this webcam you can well consider what is happening in this Egyptian resort in the vicinity of the whole complex of hotels Sunrise. This Hurghada webcam is installed directly on the Sunrise Mamlouk Palace Hotel. However, due to the fact that the territory of this hotel is a fairly narrow strip of land, leaving the sea in the direction of the main road, a large part of the territory of neighboring hotels also gets into the web camera’s lens. Please note: the panoramic webcam does not rotate all the time: periodically it stops for a while, and after it makes a turn and focuses on the next section of the beach or hotel territory.

3. Makadi Bay in real time – Webcam Hurghada

Makadi Bay in real time – Webcam HurghadaDespite the fact that this webcam is in the selection of the best webcams in Hurghada, the place of its installation is not directly a popular resort. Makadi Bay is a natural bay of the Red Sea, which is located about thirty kilometers south of the center of Hurghada and just 18 kilometers from the international airport of this famous resort in Egypt All hotels that are already open to tourists and are built in the area of the Makadi Bay, are administratively assigned to Hurghada, the province of the Red Sea. But in essence Makadi Bay is already almost independent resort with its own infrastructure and features that distinguish it from Hurghada. The construction site of the new tourist center was chosen the cleanest coast of Egypt, which until this time was one of the deserted areas on the coast of the country.

4. Panorama of El Gouna – webcam of Hurghada (Egypt)

Panorama of El Gouna – webcam of Hurghada (Egypt)On the page is an online webcam of Egypt, located in the resort of El Gouna, which is a young but already very popular and famous holiday destination on the Red Sea. Built in the manner of the Italian Venice, the resort is located on the many islets that surround the canals. Therefore, the main transport in El Gouna is small boats. The web-camera of El Gouna, located on this page, allows you to see the panorama of the resort itself. As with other online webcams in Egypt, the situation with El Gouna webcams is far from perfect; Most of the webcams declared on numerous web sites either do not work at all, or they give out a static image taken several years ago. Therefore, at the present time the number of really functioning webcams of the resort does not strike our imagination, but those that really work are presented on and are included in the selection of the best webcams of Hurghada – the closest from El Gouna mass resort of the country.

5. Webcam of Hurghada: Mangroovy Beach in real time

Webcam of Hurghada - Mangroovy Beach in real time

Everyone knows that Egypt and its Red Sea are practically the best place in the world for diving and snorkeling, because such a variety of underwater flora and fauna with such unusually bright colors is difficult to find somewhere else, if not impossible. Especially within 4-5 hours of flight by plane from most countries in Europe and the CIS. However, the resort of El Gouna is famous not only for the sea and comfortable hotels, but also as one of the best places for kite surfing. The second webcam in El Gouna, a resort 20 km north of Hurghada – proves once again that many people come to El Gouna for the sake of active rest: kitesurfing at the best place for this resort – a beach called Mangroovy Beach. This beach is located on a separate island and has a kitesurfing base, where you can rent all the necessary equipment and practice this sport.

Currently, this is all Hurghada webcams that are active and available for general viewing. We hope that in the future the number of active webcams in this resort in Egypt will be more than ten. If you know other interesting Hurghada webcams or you see that some of the webcams are not active, please write about it in the commentary to this page. Enjoy watching!


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