Live Webcams Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt)

sharm-el-sheikh-live-webcamsPlaced on this page the best live webcams in Sharm el Sheikh will allow you to travel for thousands of kilometers from anywhere in the world to the hot Egypt and observe the life of the famous resort on the Red Sea. The most recent and relevant selection of webcams in Sharm El Sheikh includes webcams on the beaches, webcams from territory of famous hotels and webcams from other places of interest for the review of this popular Egyptian resort. It is also important that all webcams work really in real time and almost around the clock (of course, in the time daylight viewing with most webcams more scenic and interesting).

If you have previously searched for in the live webcams in Sharm El Sheikh or even live webcams in Egypt, probably repeatedly clashed with the fact that find the real working camera online is very difficult. Usually you can see a lot of websites, that theoretically offer such an opportunity, but when it comes to the real view, you found that the web camera or not functioning (sometimes for years), or instead of the expected pictures of beaches or the famous Egyptian landmarks on the screen can be contemplated only a static picture, and photo for this image was made in a small resolution an unknown amount of time ago.

But now, when you went to the site Webcam-Travel.сom, these troubles and problems will be in past. Because at this website you will find the best and really working in real-time webcam Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt). Our search of new Egyptian resort webcams will always continue, so the list is subject to change. At the present time on the territory of Sharm el-Sheikh 5 live webcams have been found, which are stable and allow you to see the different areas of the popular resort during the day and at night.

For your comfortable viewing of webcam that really interest you, all live webcams Sharm El Sheikh were added on individual pages of the site. Below you will find a list with active links, next to which you can read a brief description of the places where the web camera placed at the resort. The site uses a ring principle: when you open one of the cameras, you can quickly open the following. For fast move to next webcam must click on the arrow above window of opened webcam. It’s easy and convenient! Also below every live webcam from Sharm El Sheikh you can read short description and link to this main page.


1. Live webcam Sharm el Sheikh – Naama Bay

live-webcam-sharm-el-sheikh-naama-bayA new live webcam of the Sharm-el-Sheikh, which work around the clock on the this famous Egyptian resort in the Sinai Peninsula. Webcam is not a panoramic from a technical point of view (not rotated during the broadcast), but thanks to the installation site offers a great panoramic view on the large bay of the Red Sea, which is spread on the coast resort. Naama Bay (Naama Bay) is one of the most prestigious areas of Sharm el-Sheikh, and this webcam just allows you to see it with my own eyes in real time. You have the opportunity to see the current time on the timer webcam, opportunity to check the temperature in the resort at the current time and open the webcam on the entire computer screen or laptop. In addition to the big bay with numerous yachts and boats, in web camera lens gets a significant stretch of coastline with hotels. In the foreground is a small parking lot, stalls with souvenirs and the famous Naama Bay Casino.

2. Panoramic webcam in Sharm El Sheikh – Coral Bay

panoramic-webcam-in-sharm-el-sheikh-coral-bayOne of the best and most popular webcam in Sharm El Sheikh. The location of the webcam is a great beach hotel 5 star – Domina Coral Bay, situated on the shores of the Sinai Bay. Webcam start automatically after a few seconds after the page is opened. Prolonged lack of activity on the page, you may need to reload or restart broadcasting through click by the “Play” button of this webcam in the center of the playback window. A distinctive feature of this web camera on to some other resort is that the displayed picture is not just allows you to see the situation in real time on the beach, the weather at the resort and the current state of the sea. Also you can see actual local time on the this egyptian resort. If you want see more, you can open the webcam on the entire computer screen or laptop. Due to the fact that from time to time a web-camera changes perspective and makes the zoom, you can see a number of other interesting objects.

3. Sharm El Sheikh live webcam – Ras Nasrany

sharm-el-sheikh-live-webcam-ras-nasranyThis webcam Sharm El Sheikh is set in the territory of a luxury hotel Coral Sea Sensatori in the Ras Nasrani. In the foreground of webcam, you can see a large round pool of the hotel and two smaller pools around. Resort Sharm El Sheikh is suitable for holidays throughout the year, but in recent years, even during the high summer season in Egypt, you can see that the tourists in the hotel is not very much, and even around the main pool has lots of empty sun beds and umbrellas. And during the winter, it sometimes seems that the hotel is generally empty and only staff rarely passes in front of a webcam. Really, in the hotel have a several tourists there, but their amount  did not so much as it was a few years ago. Despite, that in such a large hotel only 10-20 people can stay at the same time, the service is at a very high level and all the guests are satisfied with their vacation here.

 4. Live webcam Sharm el-Sheikh – Hollywood complex

live-webcam-sharm-el-sheikh-hollywood-complexWebcam in Sharm el-Sheikh, which located in the newest shopping and entertainment complex of the Egyptian resort called Hollywood. The complex covers a very large area, because its area to date is over 80 thousand square meters. This webcam in real time is a panoramic (turning), so every several minutes in the review you can see a significant part of the entertainment area with buildings of shops and cafes, attractions and places for walking. When this webcam turns to the left side, you can see part of the “Jurassic Park” – the huge dinosaurs that move and make sounds when approaching people to them. At the front plan we can see a real masterpiece of Italian engineers – the largest in Egypt dancing fountain, an area of 2.2 thousand square meters. Knowing the schedule of the fountain, you can watch the extravaganza of sound and light, while you stay in a few thousand kilometers from Sharm El-Sheikh.

5. SOHO Square in Sharm El Sheikh – live webcam

soho-square-in-sharm-el-sheikh-live-webcamThis original webcam from Sharm El Sheikh is set in the territory, perhaps the main entertainment center of the resort – Soho Square. Originally this area was created as a place to entertain guests of one of the most luxurious hotels in Sharm el Sheikh – Savoy Hotel, but later access was completely open to all guests of the resort. This webcam is panoramic: periodically rotated so that you can see the space around 180 degrees. However, for some time webcam suspend their movement being in a central position. At this time the main target before the lens is a large fountain, which is not very impressive during the day, but very colorful during the evening light show when jet this “dancing fountain” with iridescent rhythmic music. Really, it is very beautiful, even you not stay in Egypt now and when you just see this live webcam. Light and music show lasts about 15 minutes and starts at 18-45 local time, when in Egypt starts early tropical night.

Currently, selection of the best webcams in Sharm el-Sheikh consists of only five cameras, but the search will continue, so it is likely that sooner or later their number will be increased. Perhaps even some of the visitors tell what other interesting webcams are available at this resort, having written about it in the comments to this page. Also you can write in comments, if you see that one of webcam is no working. Enjoy watching!


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