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The second online webcam from Turkey Xanadu Resort Hotel is located in such a way that its objective mainly gets one of the three large outdoor pools – antique. The name is due to its architectural features: a swimming pool surrounded by classical antique columns, and in the center of the pool is also located a stone platform with antique columns. At the bottom of the webcam can be seen water cascade, resembling its appearance one of the main attractions of Turkey – Pamukkale. On the right side you can see a part of the right wing of the main hotel. Also in the background, just outside the ancient pool, you can see a large amphitheater, where the hotel guests have the opportunity to have fun, watching the evening performances for entertainment and concerts of local and foreign entertainers.

The high location of the webcam allows you personally assess how vast and interesting recreational area of the hotel Xanadu Resort, located on the sea front, but separated from it an artificial strait and the island to the beach, which is connected to the mainland by a beautiful bridge. Speaking of the sea: using the webcam, you can see and endless expanses: the top of the image visible horizon line, where the blue sea merges with the blue sky and floating white clouds on it. This Belek webcam overlooking the antique pool Xanadu Resort Hotel in Turkey run automatically a few minutes after the page loads, and thanks to high-quality lighting at its territory can be viewed online around the clock. If desired, it is possible to deploy the image from the webcam in full screen (by clicking on the “expand” at the bottom right). Webcam source: Xanadu Hotels. I wish you all a pleasant view webcams online and real holiday in this Turkish resort.

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