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With this Prague webcam you can see the famous Wenceslas Square in Prague – central to the town, which is loved by all the locals, and is on the list of places of compulsory visits for  tourists. But this webcam allows you to see only part of famous square, because Wenceslas Square in Prague – one of the largest squares in Europe. At the moment on the square (which has a length of 750 meters and a width of 48-63 meters) is located about 60 buildings. The central object, which you can see online around the clock – the National Museum. This magnificent building, against which always turn out great photos for your travel album. However, for several years, the building is under restoration, so its facade and dome in scaffolding, that a few spoil the overall impression of the building shape.

Until the middle of the IX century, Wenceslas Square in Prague called Horse Market, because there regulary were conducted large fair of horses. Only in the early 20th century, the area has gained modern outlines. Currently, in the surrounding area of square you can find the long buildings with many famous fashion boutiques, hotels, banks, restaurants, cafes and hotels, so even at night there rather crowded. With this online Prague webcam can be seen and the monument of St. Wenceslas – the patron saint of the Czech Republic. Sculpture of horse is located on a high pedestal, not far from the National Museum (center), and is a place where the inhabitants of Prague usually planning their meeting. “Meet me under the tail,” they say, referring to a meeting near monument. This live webcam Prague from Jalta Hotel (provided by Worldcamera.net) working in a slideshow mode with pictures change every few seconds. Enjoy watching!

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