Webcam Venice – Rialto Bridge from Palazzo Bembo

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Even if you have never been to Venice, you’ve probably heard of the Grand Canal, which crosses the city and divides it into two parts. In fact, the Grand Canal is not a structure that once made by people. This is a natural strait with a width of 30 to 70 meters, which shares some Islands of Venice. Grand Canal length is 3800 meters, but the entire length of the canal, there is only 4  bridge. Rialto Bridge, which can be seen with the help of this webcam Venice, built in the narrowest point of the Grand Canal and at the same time is the oldest, which is well preserved to this day from the 16th century. The bridge got its name thanks to the famous eponymous city blocks Rialto on one of the islands of Venice. By the way, a famous local market also have this name, as well you can find in the city the church of San Giacomo di Rialto.

Building of stone Rialto Bridge was started in 1588 and lasted three years. A first bridge connecting the banks of the Grand Canal in this place was built in the mid 13th century in the form of a wooden arch that can opens for passing large ships. Unfortunately, the bridge was destroyed by fire, same as the next few bridges in this place, which also were built of wood. And only a stone bridge, which we can see today, successfully resisted the fire and the salt water of the Grand Canal. In addition to the Rialto Bridge, which is a landmark of world importance, and one of the main symbols of Venice, with the help of the online web cam can see about ten old luxury building, called Palazzo.

Total on the banks of the Grand Canal at the present time there are about 100 palaces (palazzo), which are among the most beautiful buildings in Venice. Some of the palace these days are expensive hotels, accommodation in which costs a lot of money. However, there are pleasant exceptions to the rule. For example, Palazzo Bembo, on the front of which is located this webcam is one of the most affordable accommodation in Venice near the Grand Canal. With the widget you can find a luxury apartment in this family-run hotel  just for 70-80 euros per day (in winter). And it really is a very tempting offer, given the location of the palazzo right on the Grand Canal in the vicinity of the Rialto Bridge. Of course, the summer price increases significantly. The broadcast of the online webcam Venice provides a youtube channel I Live You Venice. The webcam works around the clock, but sometimes is possible during some hours technical break. Enjoy viewing this webcam and memorable trip to Venice!

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