Webcam Prague – Charles Bridge Panorama

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One of the best Prague webcams, which provides real-time video broadcast from the very center of Prague. The popularity of this webcam is caused not only by the fact that with the help of it you can see the famous Charles Bridge over the Vltava River, and is located on a high hill Prague Castle. Incidentally, this castle is officially listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest castle in the world. At present, on the territory of the castle is the residence of the President of the Czech Republic, but anyone can visit this place and enjoy the magnificent Gothic cathedral of St. Vitus Cathedral, and stroll around the many streets and squares of the castle complex.

Big advantage of this live webcam Prague – that she panoramic. The camera periodically turns to the right and to the left, so you can see as many objects on the left bank of the Vltava River in Prague. As a result, you can see Prague Castle in the center of the frame and the area of small houses with red roofs at the foot of its hill. You can see in real time the Charles Bridge – the most famous in the Czech Republic, while webcam rotated to the right side. And when the camera is rotated to the left you can see Petrin Hill – the highest hill in Prague. The height of this hill is 327 meters, and on top of it installed tower, which resembles the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. Adjacent to the tower on the hill there is a magnificent rose garden, but of course it can not be seen with the help of online webcams.

You can not only see the most famous sites on the left bank of the Vltava River in Prague, but also consider them in more detail, because webcam periodically make zoom on the most interesting sights of Prague. For example, the Gothic cathedral of St. Vitus, Wenceslaus and Adalbert (this is the full name of the main Catholic church in Prague and the whole country). Of course, from a distance can not fully assess its huge size – for it you must to climb the long road to the Prague Castle, around this temple outside and go inside. Definitely, you will be amazed by the scale of this majestic cathedral and its unique beauty.

Also, this webcam Prague periodically shows for you Charles Bridge in high definition. So you can see shaped bridge supports, installed on the bridge sculptures and crowds of tourists at any time of the year. Also you can see a river boats that float under the bridge and make a stop at the shore. You may notice that after stopping this river boats makes a turn, and again swim under the bridge (because a small dam at this location of river does not allow, that the boats to swim further upstream). At any time of the year on the river a lot of gulls and other water birds, and in the winter season to the Charles Bridge are special designs that protect the pillars of the bridge from being damaged by ice.

This live webcam Prague provided by Webcam.csvts and sometimes before to view the webcam can broadcast a short promotional video, the duration of which a few seconds. Immediately after that will automatically play live video from Prague (bottom right in the webcam window, you should see the word LIVE). A distinctive feature of this live webcam Prague is a work around the clock and very high quality visuals. Make sure that you see the HD broadcast is simple: you can see water flows, flying birds, even some drops in the rain – all this would have been possible to consider in detail so at a lower resolution of the webcam Prague. I wish you enjoy watching!

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