Webcam of Hurghada – Mangroovy Beach in real time

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Everyone knows that Egypt and its Red Sea are practically the best place in the world for diving and snorkeling, because such a variety of underwater flora and fauna with such unusually bright colors is difficult to find somewhere else, if not impossible. Especially within 4-5 hours of flight by plane from most countries in Europe and the CIS. However, the resort of El Gouna is famous not only for the sea and comfortable hotels, but also as one of the best places for kite surfing. The second webcam in El Gouna, a resort 20 km north of Hurghada – proves once again that many people come to El Gouna for the sake of active rest: kitesurfing at the best place for this resort – a beach called Mangroovy Beach. This beach is located on a separate island and has a kitesurfing base, where you can rent all the necessary equipment and practice this sport.

Because at the resort there are many specialized schools, even a beginner can try to “catch the wind” and rush through the waves of the resort, experiencing unusually vivid impressions. Webcam El Gouna from the beach Mangroovy Beach, like the best webcams Sharm El Sheikh online, runs automatically and works around the clock, though in the dark the picture is not very pleasing to the eye, because to observe of something in the darkness very problematic. On this beach there is another webcam, but since the picture from there is not a video broadcast, but a slide show from the photo, and the story repeats the second webcam from this page, it was decided not to place it here for the sake of increasing the download speed this live webcam – high-grade webcam El Gouna online. Enjoy watching!

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