Webcam New York – Charging bull near Wall Street

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Webcam New York City with a sound allows us to see in real time the famous Bronze Bull – one of the most popular statues in the metropolis. The location of the Charging Bull statue is a crossroads near the Bowling Green Park and the main financial center of the US – Wall Street. The Charging  bull (or Wall Street Bull) is a symbol of financial optimism (expectations of growth of stock quotes), so the location of this statue near Wall Street is not accidental.

The statue of the Bronze bull impresses with its size, because the length of this “furious animal” is 4.9 meters and a height of 3.4 meters. And the weight of the statue is 3.2 tons, while it is made of a very expensive metal in 1989. Unlike most other statues in New York and other cities in the world, such a massive monument appeared not on initiative and not at the expense of the municipal budget. The bull was made and brought to Wall Street for the money of its creator – American sculptor (with Italian roots) – Arturo Di Monica. The amount of costs was quite impressive – 360 thousand dollars (taking into account inflation to date, it’s about 620 thousand USD).

Moreover, the statue was installed opposite the stock exchange of New York without special permission and the city authorities decided to confiscate the monument. However, the sculpture was so popular with local residents and all guests of the city that it was allowed to be temporarily installed there, where it is up to our days. With this live webcam in New York you can see that near the statue of the Attacking bull there are always a lot of tourists, especially in the daytime. Sometimes, because of the large number of people, it’s even difficult for us to see the statue directly. Tourists do not just want to see the famous statue and take a picture against it, but also touch the bull in certain places.

There is a legend that all people who were able to rub horns, hoofs and impressive sizes of bull eggs, will necessarily be very lucky in business and will get financial prosperity. As you can see, this EarthCam webcam is not static, because the camera angle is periodically replaced and you can see the statue of the Bronze bull both from a distance and with great zoom. At the same time, the quality of the live video is very good at any time and you can see a detailed image from this part of New York. Therefore, at the maximum magnification, you can notice that the horns and hoofs of the bull from constant touches are polished to a bright luster. Enjoy this webcam in New York and travel to this city!

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