Webcam Krakow: view from Grodzka Street

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From this live webcam Krakow offers views of the historic area of the city with Grodzka Street. Area quite lively, so the lens webcam is always a large number of tourists and hastening on the affairs of local residents. Also in the line of sight camera are tram lines which are the backbone of public transport in Krakow. Running this web camera is performed automatically after the page loads (with a slow Internet connection, wait 10-30 seconds). In some browsers you may need to run in manual mode: To view, please click the left mouse button on the playback window, not necessarily in the center, where at the inactive camera visible icon Play (triangle in a circle). Similar action should be performed, if the reproduction is stopped after a long view.

Grodzka Street (or Town Street), located in the heart of Krakow and has a length of approximately 400 meters. This street crosses almost the entire old town on the north-south line. Being one of the oldest streets in the city, which in the Middle Ages took a major trade route (delivered freight transports salt from Wieliczka) Grodzka Street draws visitors to the city and all the lovers of old lots of historical and architectural monuments, which are concentrated in almost its entire length. Therefore, on Grodzka Street walk is very busy most pleasant experiences and observations. In addition to the ancient churches (the most important of which you can see with the help of a separate Krakow webcam) located outside Galway City museum masterpieces, which collected the unique collection of ancient objects from temples. roadcast live video from the webcam Krakow provides  Have fun, and memorable excursions to Grodzka street in Krakow!

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