Webcam Krakow – a view to the Wawel Castle

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With using this webcam in Krakow, you can admire the general views of the large Royal Palace – the Wawel Castle, which is located on a high hill near the river. The smooth curves of the river, which served as a natural protective construction of the castle in turbulent times, also fall into the lens. According to the water surface of the river periodically float small excursion boats with tourists, and along the river banks are anchored floating cafe, where many tourists can taste the dishes of Polish cuisine and local drinks while admiring the contours of the palace complex on the hill, the green banks of the river and many bridges. Speaking of tourists in the city: the Wawel Castle is a major, although not the only attraction of Krakow, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that tourists in the castle district very much in any season of the year.

Even with the help of the Krakow webcam overlooking the Wawel castle, you can see this: in the lower left corner of the screen play webcam is easy to see the many tourist buses which are lined up in serried ranks on a specially designed for this parking. By the way, do not need to be afraid that because of the abundance of tourists visiting the castle in Krakow will be a complex and tedious exercise. I was lucky enough to go there several times, and even in the height of summer, when most tourists, in the castle was a lot of empty seats with a minimum number of people. The only problem – queues at ticket offices, on which you can spend up to 30-40 minutes, if you have come to the castle in the first half of the day in summer time.

I would also like to warn those who have never been in the Wawel Castle, what to see him at one time is very difficult, so it’s best to purchase tickets in its individual parts, because the castle is large and interesting exhibits in it very much. For example, for the first time will be enough royal apartments, exhibition of royal jewelery and exit from the territory of the castle through a secret passage. In the rock carved circular staircase descending on which you visit a big cave and made of a metal fire-breathing dragon from an old Polish legend. This webcam in Krakow works online 24 hours a day. Have fun, and memorable excursions to the Wawel Castle in Krakow.

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