Webcam Bali – Karma Beach in real time (HD)

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New webcam on the island of Bali, which carries live coverage from the Karma beach, which is very different from most other beaches on the island. Karma Beach is located on the southernmost tip of the island of Bali (Indonesia), and it not free beach, ie for visiting this place will have to pay. And by the way, the price of a visit at first glance seems very high for such resort as Bali – about 19 USD (at the rate in local currency). However, when you learn that it’s not just the cost of the visit, but also the opportunity to fully relax for long time – the price does not seem so high, especially when you know, that in this price includes drinks and snacks. By the way, you can visit the beach Karma as a VIP and get an even greater range of services, but in this case the input costs more than 75 USD per person. To get to the stunning Karma beach near the village of Ungasan, you can from the area of Seminyak use a taxi and the fare will be in the range 12-13 USD per vehicle.

If you want to have a good time on the beach Karma, you should know some of the features of this place. The beach is actually very popular on the island of Bali. Therefore, even with the entrance fee, you can not find a free beach chair, if you come to the beach after noon. The best solution – access to the beach in the morning, especially since this is the best time for swimming in the ocean. As you can see, even with this webcam Bali, on the Karma beach is very white sand, which, during a bright sunny day contributes to the rapid and intense sunburn (be sure to use sunscreen). The color of water on the beach Karma is very nice, but the waves are not very strong and does not interfere with swimming. As has been previously written, the best time for swimming – the first half of the day. It is a time of low-tide when there is often no very big waves and near beach not have sea current. After dinner, as a rule, the sea waves is strengthened and not far from the beach there is a sea current. In addition, during the daylight hours, you have the opportunity to engage in popular water sports and taking spa treatments.

However, Karma beach is known not only as a place of a beach holiday in Bali. First of all, it is the territory of the famous hotel and club – Karma Kandara, where you can not only relax, but also to live in luxury bungalows and villas with all the comforts, cool pools and free Wi-Fi on site. A feature of this Club Hotel is its location. Since the southern coast of the island of Bali is very high, then the hotel is not located directly on the beach, but on the cliff. If we talk about Karma Kandara, the beach is about 150 meters lower than the territory of hotel. And from the hotel with great views of the beach and ocean. By the way, to admire this view, not necessarily to become a guest of the hotel: it is enough to be a visitor beach Karma. By the way, the advantage of the hotel is a private elevator to the beach, which eliminates the need for a long and difficult climb and descent the stairs.

By the way, the hotel and its beach are famous for their club life: during sunset on the beach begin excellent beach party that lasted until dawn. During the holidays, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes up to four DJ for one night! Often, themed parties, and in the evening a certain genre of music. webcam broadcast from the beach Karma Beach carried out by means of YouTube. This means that you will be able to select the best possible video quality – in this case, HD quality. One of the features of this web camera is the presence of the sound, the level of which you can also adjust in the playback window. You should also be prepared for the fact that broadcasting can sometimes be suspended, especially at night. Have fun in the time of watching live webcam on the beach Karma (Bali).

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