Webcam Alanya (Turkey) – Cleopatra Beach

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With this online webcams Turkey you can see, perhaps, the most famous beach of the Mediterranean in this country, which is located in Alanya – the most southern resort of Turkey. This beach is located in the city of Alanya, if viewed from the sea, to the left of the rocky headland with the ancient fortress at the top, separating the resort into two parts. Cleopatra Beach in Alanya (Kleopatra beach) has a length of about two kilometers, and thus differs unusual seawater cleanliness. This circumstance and careful maintenance of clean sandy beach strips allow it for many years proudly hang a well-deserved award – the Blue Flag (mark of conformity to the strictest environmental standards).

Speaking about the name of this beach, we can recall the old legend, according to which the famous Egyptian queen loved the beach, but did not love sand, which was available in then time. So in big love to Cleopatra, the Roman Emperor Mark Antony ordered to replace all the sand on the beach brought from the Nile Delta in Egypt. On the one hand, it seems incredible, but studies indicate that the composition of the sand on the Cleopatra beach in Alanya is unique to Turkey and all over the world this can be found only in northern Egypt. The sand is fine and has a light yellow hue and soft enough, and closer to the water gets a little bigger, but it allows the water to be as transparent as possible, and to walk on this sand even more pleasant and helpful.

With this live webcam Alanya can be noticed that the beach is wide enough and a large number of sun loungers and umbrellas. Also webcam gives an excellent picture of the state of the sea at this beach, which is due to the nature of the seabed structure: this beach almost never without waves, which beautiful move on shore. Swim at the beach convenient for the reason that the place is always enough, and do not need to move away from the coast is too far from the normal depth. Perhaps a bottom relief is not very suitable for bathing small children, but the latter often play in the shallow water near the shore, and build sand castles. In addition, around the perimeter of the Cleopatra Beach in Alanya work lifeguards.

Webcam Alanya on the Cleopatra beach starts run automatically after loading the page in some browsers need to click on the arrow in the middle of the playback window. As you can see, the broadcast is organized with the help of streaming YouTube videos. This means that everyone has the opportunity to change the video resolution to a higher, if it does not run automatically because of slow Internet. To do this, click on the “wheel to” from the bottom of the screen on the right and in the “quality” to select the maximum possible to enjoy views of the Cleopatra beach Alanya using the webcam in a comfort mode. Source of this webcam Turkey: Palmiyebeach hotel. I wish you all a pleasant view webcams online and real holiday in this Turkish resort.

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