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One more webcam Turkey in real time from Marmaris, which is broadcast around the clock from the yacht marina resort. The local harbor is perfect for yachts, because in the Gulf of Marmaris is never see big waves, which could damage the Parked boats, boats and yachts. This is due to the fact that the bay of Marmaris, protects from the waves from the open sea a large peninsula. As a result of this natural protection, Marmaris has become one of the best places in Turkey for parking equipment for yachts. By the way, the yacht marina, which is currently located in front of the webcam lens – not only  most biggest on this resort, but the largest in the whole of Turkey too.

At the moment on this yacht marina is equipped  650 parking places for yachts, and the distance between adjacent berths ranging from 40 to 70 meters, which is a very good indicator and easy to maneuver for both small and fairly large yachts. Yacht Service Marmaris marina-the-art: all berths are equipped with electricity and fresh water. By the way, the cost of the yacht in the marina parking lot is very democratic, which is important given the fact that keeping the yacht after it purchases annually require the owners considerable expenses. Add to this picturesque bays and amazing clean Aegean Sea and you can understand why Marmaris Marina – the best place for yachts in Turkey.

This live webcam Turkey in Marmaris start broadcast video automatically after the page loads. Sometimes, with a slow Internet connection is required to wait a few seconds to load the video stream. In the foreground of the webcam can see one of the closest marinas with a number of white yachts of various sizes. There is a sailing yacht which can be easily identified by the presence of high masts and motor yachts, which are no less elegant and more popular around the world. In the background visible mountains covered with pine forests that serve as a natural barrier against strong winds Marmaris and creating a unique microclimate in the resort. Wish you enjoy viewing!

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