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Another live webcam, which is located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Like the webcam of Paris with a view of the Seine, this camera is installed on the facade of one of the modern high-rise buildings next to the Grenelle Bridge. At the same time, the main architectural objects that we can see in real time are the famous Radio House in Paris and the business district of Défense located far away. Between these objects is a very impressive distance, which exceeds five kilometers in a straight line. This means that with the help of this online webcam in Paris we can see the huge territory of the city, which includes almost the entire 16th arrondissement of Paris and, even, the famous Bois de Boulogne, which is located between this district and the district of Défense.

The house of French Radio (La Maison de la Radio), which is located on the opposite bank of the Seine from this Paris webcam, is the headquarters of the French national broadcasting network and the location of the largest radio stations in France. Residents of Paris often call the huge building of the House of Radio a Round house, because the building is made in the form of a ring. A tall tower inside this ring have name “finger”. Currently, the tower has a huge audio archive, which is the pride of all France. The building was designed in the middle of the last century, and its construction was completed in 1963. Despite this, the Radio House in Paris looks very modern. Inside there is also a museum of the history of radio and television in France, several concert halls (the largest holds 948 spectators), and in the underground part there are even several bomb shelters.

La Défense is the largest business center in the near suburbs of Paris. Despite the fact that there are only 20 thousand residents in Défense, there are offices of more than 1500 companies, commercial and government organizations. This makes Défense a place of work for 150,000 residents of Paris and the suburbs who come here on working days. Défense, often called the “Paris Manhattan”, is the largest business center in Europe. With this webcam you can make sure that this comparison is not at all random. As of 2018, the construction of more than 50 skyscrapers (or, more precisely, of buildings whose height exceeds 90 meters) has been completed in the Défense area, with active construction continuing, as the French economy is on the rise. And the Great Arch of Défense is often called one of the most modern symbols of Paris. Broadcasting of this webcam that works around the clock, provides Webcam-HD, where you can find dozens of other live webcams in France. Enjoy watching!

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