Times Square New York – panoramic live webcam

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One of the best live webcams of New York from the publicly available. This webcam is located at the famous intersection in central Manhattan, formed by Seventh Avenue and Broadway, which intersect at an acute angle and form the Times Square. With the help of this webcam it is possible to monitor the life of a never-sleeping metropolis in real time, even if you far from this city for thousands of kilometers. Due to the fact that the webcam works around the clock and the fact that Times Square is probably the most brightly lit place in the whole of New York, you can observe excellent quality images at any time of day and night.

The original online webcam of New York periodically changes the camera angle. This circumstance is especially important for this webcam, because it is installed in the very center of New York – on the famous Times Square. The online camera alternately shows intersecting in the area of the square the central avenues of New York, standing on the sides of the building of well-known corporations with numerous neon signs, running lines and advertising video. By the way, it was on this area that the first publicity board, illuminated with the help of electric energy, once appeared. Another distinguishing feature of this webcam in New York online is the work with sound.

I called this live webcam in New York City placed panoramic, but this is not quite the right word for describing it. Unlike classic panoramic cameras that simply rotate from side to side, the webcam in Times Square, broadcasted by EarthCam, alternately shows various objects, alternately making a zoom for them for better consideration. As a result, it is possible in just a few minutes to see in detail the surrounding area of the house with advertising signs and bright modern video advertising, the carriageway, the monument to Francis Duffy (Catholic priest) and other objects. Since the webcam broadcasts with sound, you have the opportunity not only to see with your own eyes the “Crossroads of the World” (as often called Times Square), but also to hear it. Enjoy watching!

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