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Located on the shore of the picturesque bay of Marmaris resort famous for its excellent conditions for beach holidays. With this webcam you can see the extensive area of well organized beach of Marmaris, with wide walkways, beautiful palm trees, neat beach umbrellas on sun loungers along the edge of the water and beach cafes. Marmaris is one of Turkey’s most prestigious resorts in the most developed and almost european. Perfect conditions for recreation here due to good weather almost all year round (more than 300 sunny days) and a calm sea. The bay of Marmaris, which you can consider using this webcam online Turkey, is protected from the open sea with help the large peninsula with high mountains.

This natural protection and solid seabed in the Marmaris bay, makes water it incredibly clean (you can see many meters in depth), and the sea here is always calm, with a minimum number of waves. This feature of the sea at the resort made it one of the most important underwater tourism centers in Turkey. In Marmaris there are more than fifty different points for scuba diving, which are suitable not only for experienced divers, but for novice divers. There is a considerable amount of beautiful underwater caves that can be seen only during scuba diving. The fauna in the area is certainly not as rich as in the Red Sea, but in any case you can see a bevy of colorful fish and larger specimens living in the ancient ruins, and among the skeletons of sunken ships there.

This webcam starts work a few seconds after the page is loaded, and lights on the promenade allows us to consider what is happening on the beach in Marmaris, even after dark. However, at night do not see the picturesque mountain peaks that surround the bay of Marmaris and can be seen in the daytime: coming over the mountains bright and clear, and located away – hiding in a light haze so that you can barely see their dark silhouette. If desired online webcam in Marmaris, with views of the bay can be maximized by using the corresponding button in the lower right corner of the video player. Wish you enjoy viewing!

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