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New webcam in Paris in real time, which allows you to see the panorama of the most modern district of Paris. The development of the new district was begun back in 1955, and after 30 years, La Défense acquired its recognizable appearance and status as the main business district of Paris. La Defense is often called French Manhattan, and even with this camera you can understand the reason for this name. But unlike Manhattan, which is located in the center of New York, the Paris district of La Défense is located on the outskirts of the city, but this did not prevent it from becoming the largest business center in the whole of Europe. The main distinctive feature of the area is its functional purpose.

La Defense consists entirely of office buildings and shopping centers. This means that numerous office workers, employees of shops and boutiques are forced to get to their workplaces from other parts of Paris and the suburbs of the French capital every morning. And after the end of the working day, they similarly leave the Défense district and return to the place of residence. As already noted above, La Defense is the largest business center in Europe, therefore the number of workers and employees who visit La Defense every day exceeds 150 thousand. In this regard, the best time to visit the La Défense district in Paris is the time after 9:00 am and until 5:00 pm, when everyone is busy in their workplaces and do not prevent tourists from admiring the architecture of skyscrapers and shopping.

Of course, if you just want to see La Defense in real time, then you can watch this Paris webcam from Viewsurf at any time convenient for you. The webcam is located in the Paris municipality of Neuilly-sur-Seine. On the left you can see the avenue Charles de Gaulle, which was the ideological inspirer of the construction of the district of La Defense. On the right is Avenue du Ruele. In the evening, colorful lights are lit on high-rise buildings and the La Défense area looks even more modern and futuristic. Currently, the webcam does not have a timer with the current time in Paris, and you must to know, that the broadcast may be made with a slight delay in time. Enjoy watching!

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