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Live webcams Maldives, the list of which is located on this page, will help you to make an interesting virtual trip to one of the most beautiful places of our planet. Coral islands, which are the territory of the Maldives, are lost among the warm Indian Ocean and most people associate with a romantic and comfortable rest, which is not available to everyone. Today, travels to Maldives have become much more accessible than it was 5-10 years ago, and modern Maldives webcams allow you to see some popular island resorts in real time and completely free.As a world-class resort, the Maldives consists of more than 1,000 small islands, but webcams are not located on each of them. At the same time, the quality of broadcasting of most online cameras is very good, so we have the opportunity to observe the tropical islands in high resolution. In the list of webcams, the broadcasting from which is added to the site, only the best ones are included, which differ in stable work and are placed in interesting places. Since the resting in the Maldives is associated in most tourists with beaches of white sand and beautiful color of ocean water, almost all webcams are located exactly on the beaches of the tropical resort islands.

Currently, the list does not include web cameras, which are located in the capital of the country – the city of Male. However, one should not be sad about this, because in reality this metropolitan city is of little interest to most of us. In fact, Male is a small, but noisy and dirty town, which does not correspond to our idea of ​​a romantic travel in the Maldives and this is not the “tropical paradise” in which everyone dreams of rest or have already done it. Therefore, all those who rest in the Maldives, try to leave as soon as possible to the resort islands, spending as little time as possible in the capital and using this city only as a forced transit point, where situated exlusive international airport of the country.

At the time of publication of this article, in the list of webcams Maldives in real time there are 8 webcams, but as new and interesting cameras appear, their number on the page will also increase. To accelerate the download process and reduce traffic, each of the Maldives webcams is placed on a separate page. As a result, you can open and watch only those cameras that interest you specifically. And if you want to see all the cameras in a row, then switching between them is also not difficult. To do this, you must open any of the webcams from the list, and then move on to the next one with just one click on the arrow above the playback window. is an information and entertainment resource designed to make exciting virtual tours and obtain some useful information. Therefore, under each of the Maldives webcams in real time, there is basic information about the island and its features (distance from the capital, physical dimensions, name of the atoll, hotels on the island and their services, features of recreation and the presence of various entertainments). Also you can find information about the location of the webcam on the island and the features of its functioning: the time of work, the nature of the broadcast (streaming online video or slideshow with periodic updating of the picture), the best time to watch, etc.

Since the Maldives webcams are installed in real time on the resort islands, most of them allow you to admire the secluded beaches with a minimum number of tourists or at all without the latter. If you have already rested in the Maldives, with the help of these cameras, you most likely will not see anything new for yourself. However, it is possible that you just want to see this romantic place again and return there at least with the help of virtual travel, and the best Maldives webcams in real time will help you in this. By the way. If you know of any other webcams in this country, please write in the comments to this article and I’ll try to add from on the site. Enjoy watching!


1. Live webcam Maldives – Finolhu beach (Kanifushi island)

This online webcam with sound is located in one of the most famous areas of the Maldives Republic – in the southern part of Baa Atoll, which is a biosphere reserve of world importance and is included in the UNESCO list. The private island of Kanifushi, where this webcam is installed, is very narrow and long. At the same time, its sandy beach is the longest among all the available resort islands of the Maldives Republic and is more than 1800 meters. Using a web camera, you can see a large area of ​​this shoal that is surrounded by bright turquoise water on both sides. You can also notice that the shallows are not devoid of vegetation, which makes this place more picturesque, and rest on the beach of Finolhu is more comfotable (in the best places for relaxation there are sunbeds and umbrellas of nearby resorts). Thanks to the fact that this Maldives webcam works with sound, you can not only enjoy viewing, but also listen to the pleasant noise of sea waves.

2. Live webcam Maldives – Amazing beach of Meeru island

This live webcam Maldives broadcasts from the picturesque Meeru Island, or rather from one of the wonderful beaches on this island. Like most other resort islands in the Maldives, Meeru Island has a bright lush vegetation that occupies most of the island’s territory and is surrounded by a strip of white sand from all sides. The island of Meeru is not very large (1500 meters in length and 600 meters in width), so you can easily get around it around the perimeter in just 45-50 minutes. Another name of this island resort is Meerufenfushi and this second name can sometimes be found on the tourist maps of the Maldives Republic. With this online webcam you can see one of the magnificent ocean beaches on the east side of the island. It is in this part that all the best beaches of the island of Meeru are located, which attract thousands of tourists throughout the year. Beaches on the west coast are also good, but the comfort of resting on them depends on the time of the year.

3. Kuredu Island Beach – live webcam Maldives

This webcam Maldives allows us in real time to admire the beautiful beach of the resort island of Kuredu, which is part of the Lhaviyani Atoll. As you can see, in the foreground of the webcam is a magnificent sand spit that stretches far into the ocean. The sand on the spit and on the entire island of Kuredu is surprisingly white, so the color of the sea on the beaches is unusually bright and full. And a little further, where the great depth begins, the water becomes bright blue. This contrast is very picturesque, and you can see it most often on atolls. Kuredu Island is private, and on its territory there is only one resort hotel – Kuredu Island Resort. Therefore, there are no indigenous people on the island: only the employees of the resort and tourists who choose this place for their unforgettable holiday in the Maldives. Since the island of Kuredu is in the northern part of the Lhaviyani Atoll…

4. Water sports center on Kuredu – live webcam Maldives

This webcam is located in the area of ​​the largest water sports center in the Maldives – Ocean Watersport on the island of Kuredu. In the foreground of the webcam you can see a wooden platform with tables where guests of the center can drink refreshing drinks between sessions of water sports, before or after an interesting sea excursion, and also get instruction before new practical lesson. The center of Ocean Watersport is perfect not only for professional sportsmen, but also for absolute beginners, because in addition to professional equipment there are first-class instructors who can find the right approach to each client, regardless of the level of possession of a particular sport. A little further you can see additional tables and soft pillows on a sandy beach where it is convenient to spend warm Maldivian evenings.

5. Amilla Fushi Resort (Baa atoll) – live webcam Maldives

This webcam Maldives is located on the tropical island of Finolhu, which is part of the Baa atoll in the central Maldives. Distance from the airport Male – the capital of the island state – to the island of Finolhu is easily overcome in just half an hour on a comfortable seaplane. Another option is a 15-minute flight from Male to Dharavandhoo Airport and a ten-minute trip on a speedboat directly to the island. As a rule, several such fast boats moored off the coast, you can always see with this Maldives webcam. Also you have a chance to see high-speed boats or elegant sea yachts that periodically float right in front of an online camera lens. The boat pier, which we can see in the central part of the webcam, is the pier of the Amilla Fushi resort. This five-star hotel was opened only recently – in the summer of 2016, however it already deserved the highest ratings among the guests.

6. Pool and beach Kuredu Island Resort – Maldives live webcam

Using this Maldives webcam in real time, we can see the magnificent outdoor pool of the resort hotel Kuredu Island Resort. From the very first glance it can be seen that this pool is located on the shore of the island, in close proximity to the beach. This location makes this swimming pool a very pleasant place to rest, after all, in the daytime and after dark it is possible to swim in full confidence in your full safety. At the same time, any guest is in the immediate vicinity of the beach bar, where you can find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails. A curative sea air and a beautiful view of the sea make this place very popular. Of course, this is not the only swiming pool of the resort hotel Kuredu Island Resort, but at present only this one can be seen with the help of the live webcam Maldives in real time. However, the island of Kuredu is very popular with tourists who prefer an exclusive holiday in one of the most picturesque islands of the Maldives.

 P.S. In the near future will be added 1 more webcam Maldives


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