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This live webcam of Budapest located near the Széll Kálmán tér – one of the largest square in the area of Buda. Originally named after the Prime Minister of Hungary, in 1951, the area was renamed in Moscow square. However, 60 years later – in 2011 – the area again got its original name of historical – Széll Kálmán tér. After a few seconds of viewing this webcam, you will see that Kálmán Széll square is a very important transport hub of the Hungarian capital. From early morning until late of night time you can see there are many buses and trams, which are constantly moving on their routes through the square and make a short stop on it. In addition, in the central part of the square you can see the original trapezoidal building with a white roof. This is the entrance to a one of the most important subway station in Budapest, which also bears the name of Széll Kálmán tér.

If you are visiting Budapest for a few days and want to visit some of the attractions of this city, which are located far away from the Danube River and from all the historical center, you will probably use the city subway lines, and sooner or later arrive at the station Széll Kálmán tér. For example, in the area of the square you can find the bus stop for the ride to the gear Budapest tram that takes you up the hill to the children’s railway, on which you can get to the mountain cable car open type. While that sounds all this is not very interesting, in reality it is the descent from the mountain by cable car leaves in the memory of many travelers the most vivid impressions of the visit to Budapest.

As you can see with the help of this Budapest live webcam, Széll Kálmán tér has a very original form. Streets here not intersect at right angles, and a triangle. Also you can see that some of the streets are in several levels. So you need to very carefully examine the map of the city in the area. Otherwise, you risk to go in the opposite direction from the one where you need to in reality.  If you use the daily ticket to Budapest for all modes of transport, you can without any additional cost money and time to return to the area and choose the right direction. Otherwise you will have to spend time and money for the return transport or go back by foot. This webcam Budapest working around the clock, but sometimes in a small periods of time you can not see live video when the equipment is being serviced or when problems occur on the line. Enjoy watching!

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