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One of the most popular online Venice webcams that let you enjoy a magnificent view of St. Mark’s Bay. Even in cloudy weather, the bay is very picturesque, and when in Venice is bright sunshine, the Bay of St. Mark and located on its shores palaces and cathedrals delight your eyes with the brightest colors. In the foreground you can see a number of small berths for excursion ships and yachts, as well as a wide promenade of Venice, where many tourists usually come to explore the famous city on water. Also on the right you can see small bridges that were built over the narrow city canals. And only a little further from the place of location this webcam can see several main attractions of Venice, whose names are on everyone’s lips.

First of all, it is famous Doge’s Palace, which should definitely visit during your holiday in Venice, because it is not only a masterpiece of medieval architecture, not only outside but also inside. Surely you want to make a several colorful photos on the background of the picturesque facade of the palace with arches and columns. And the interiors of the palace, the work of the best artists of the Middle Ages, surprising everyone with its visual splendor and luxury. By the way, the cost of visiting the Doge’s Palace is about 20 euros, and is closed for visit this place only twice a year – on 1 January and 25 December. One of the main symbols of Venice is St Mark’s Campanile – high red tower with a green roof. It’s not just the tower, and a free-standing bell tower of the main cathedral of Venice, located next to the Piazza San Marco.

The height of the bell tower is almost 100 meters (98.6 meters), so it is a good landmark while walking along the streets and canals of Venice. At the top of the bell tower are large antique clock of the 16th century, which were repaired several times and continue to show for the locals and tourists the exact time. With this online webcam Venice you can see in the background, another attraction of the city, which is located on the other side of the Grand Canal. Cathedral with white facades and lots of domes – this Basilica Santa Maria della Salute, which was built in the 17th century in the Dorsoduro district. Many locals consider this a valid Catholic Basilica of the most beautiful church in the city. The broadcast of the online webcam Venice provides a youtube channel I Live You Venice. The webcam works around the clock, but sometimes is possible during some hours technical break. Enjoy viewing this webcam and memorable trip to Venice!

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