SOHO Square in Sharm El Sheikh – live webcam

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This original webcam from Sharm El Sheikh is set in the territory, perhaps the main entertainment center of the resort – Soho Square. Originally this area was created as a place to entertain guests of one of the most luxurious hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh – Savoy Hotel, but later access was completely open to all guests of the resort. This webcam is panoramic: periodically rotated so that you can see the space around 180 degrees. However, for some time webcam suspend their movement being in a central position. At this time the main target before the lens is a large fountain, which is not very impressive during the day, but very colorful during the evening light show when jet this “dancing fountain” with iridescent rhythmic music. Really, it is very beautiful, even you not stay in Egypt now and when you just see this live webcam.

Light and music show lasts about 15 minutes and starts at 18-45 local time, when in Egypt starts early tropical night. With this webcam Sharm El Sheikh online can also be seen very beautiful and landscaped area Soho Square: walkway of polished granite, manicured flower beds and beautifully trimmed bushes, man-made pond with statues, benches, etc. The area in Sharm el-Sheikh, named in honor of the British area of Soho, so there can be seen some of the traditional London motives. For example, the Royal pub and red telephone booths. The place is very popular among all the tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh tourists, because here are collected such entertainment that are not found in other parts of the resort.

For example, an ice rink, a movie theater with the only film about the history of Egypt, the same musical fountain. That’s why people come here in the evening many tourists from other hotels, where after dark really is not much you can entertain yourself. Of course, there are numerous shops, hookah, food courts and even a large international restaurant, submitted directly by 4 national cuisines: apart from the Egyptian cuisine you can try Indian, Chinese, and my favorite Thai food. Even a bowling alley can be found if desired. Products in the stores a lot, but the prices are much too high in comparison with other places in the resort, so Soho Square in Sharm el-Sheikh, which can be seen with the help of the this live webcam not the best place for shopping. During the day the area is not as colorful as in the night, but in the distance you can see a part of the Sinai desert and mountains surrounding the resort. Enjoy watching!

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