Sea and beach at the hotel Xanadu Island (Bodrum)

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This webcam Turkey in real-time is located  in an elegant five-star hotel Xanadu Island, which is located in the vicinity of Bodrum in the southwest of the popular resort. Despite its name, the hotel is not on the island, and on a long promontory jutting out into the sea of the Bodrum Peninsula, which have a complex shape and area hotel occupying it entirely. Five-star hotel Xanadu Island is one of the best in the resort, and for its location and did not have analogues. Most rooms boast spectacular panoramic views of the sea, and this is not accidental, because the cozy villas and cottages are located on the perimeter of a narrow cape. At the same time many of them have their own private swimming pools located on a high bank over the sea.

In the foreground of this webcam Turkey in Bodrum can see the main pool, which adorn the picturesque palm trees on the perimeter. In the bottom left of the screen, you can enjoy the beach, which is made up of sand and pebbles. Even from the distance at which a web camera, it is possible to evaluate the transparency of the water in the Aegean Sea, because even at some distance from the shore clearly rayed seabed. Also with the help of a web camera, you can see part of the hotel, where sun beds and umbrellas are available, ie, for territory for sunbathing, part of the hotel buildings and green area. Since your webcam is installed high above sea level, you can not really see exactly the elevation on which the hotel is located.

In reality, the beach and a small pier should be a little bit down the comfortable stair. Analogous stairs are available and on the opposite side of the peninsula, where there are also slopes to picturesque beaches among rocky coast. As the hotel is located in close proximity to the entrance of the Gokova Gulf, in the background (top right) you may notice the Greek island of Kos, which is several times smaller in area than the more famous Rhodes (which usually go with day trips by tourists from Marmaris), but Turkey is located much closer. The webcam can be deployed on the entire screen – use this button in the lower right corner of the video player. Webcam source: Xanadu Hotels. I wish you all a pleasant view webcams online and real holiday in this Turkish resort.

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