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With this webcam Venice you can see one of the main attractions of this romantic city in Italy. Rialto Bridge – the oldest bridge on the Grand Canal in Venice, which is associated with a number of interesting facts. Initially, the bridge connecting between two separate islands, was made of wood, but after several fires the city authorities decided to make a new bridge made of stone. For this purpose were used ideas from several progressive architects. Also for the stability of the bridge during the construction of pillars in the Grand Canal were hammered a few thousand piles. Since no one has previously built the bridges of stone through the canals of Venice, many locals with great distrust to this idea and they could not believe that the bridge will be completed and, moreover, that this bridge will be very stable and durable.

According to legend, one of the residents said that he would rather believe in what he has to grow a 3-th leg, than that will be built a bridge of stone across the Grand Canal. Also, another local woman stated that burn themselves on fire if the construction of the bridge will be completed and the bridge will not fall apart in the process. As we already know, the bridge came out very strong and even today it is very stable and is able to simultaneously withstand a few dozen tourists. And in one of the houses next door to the bridge, you can see two symbolic figure: three-legged man and a woman in a fire. And the Rialto Bridge and a few centuries after the construction is quite spectacular symbol of Venice, against which all necessarily want to make a quality photo or selfie photo.

Despite its popularity for tourists, the Rialto Bridge, Venice is absolutely free attraction – anyone can not only view the bridge from different angles, but also to pass on it from one island to another. But if you want to ride on a gondola under the bridge, it will cost not very cheap. But if you come to Venice with your partner in a romantic journey, such a gondola ride you will remember for a long time. Thanks to a good night’s coverage of the city, you can watch the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal in the area of the city around the clock, because this live webcam Venice, which  provided Whatsupcams, operates continuously and has a very good video quality. Enjoy watching!

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