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Using this Maldives webcam in real time, we can see the magnificent outdoor pool of the resort hotel Kuredu Island Resort. From the very first glance it can be seen that this pool is located on the shore of the island, in close proximity to the beach. This location makes this swimming pool a very pleasant place to rest, after all, in the daytime and after dark it is possible to swim in full confidence in your full safety. At the same time, any guest is in the immediate vicinity of the beach bar, where you can find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails. A curative sea air and a beautiful view of the sea make this place very popular. Of course, this is not the only swiming pool of the resort hotel Kuredu Island Resort, but at present only this one can be seen with the help of the live webcam Maldives in real time.

However, the island of Kuredu is very popular with tourists who prefer an exclusive holiday in one of the most picturesque islands of the Maldives. Therefore, there are other webcams on the island, which are also available for viewing on this site. If we talk directly about this online webcam, then in the foreground you can see a special wooden flooring near the beach pool, which is nice to walk barefoot. Thanks to the light color of the boards and their texture, even on the hottest days the surface of the floor does not become hot. To the left of the pool you can see a number of comfortable sun loungers with sun umbrellas and small tables where you can place drinks or snacks. And to the right of the pool under a very picturesque roof of palm leaves is a poolside bar. In the shade of the bar you can sit at the counter, drink your favorite cool or warming drink and admire the turquoise sea and the beautiful coconut palms on the shore.

Palms can also be seen with this Maldives webcam, not only those that are located on the border of the pool and beach area, but also around the pool, next to the beach bar. In the background, we can see the tops of beach umbrellas and a section of the atoll of Lhaviyani, which is washed by the Indian Ocean, where the resort island of Kuredu is located. The beach itself has a length of about 3.5 kilometers. This webcam is one of those that do not broadcast live video, but work in an online slideshow. At the same time, the photo update takes place automatically at a frequency of 1-2 times per minute (most often 1 time in 60 seconds). In the upper right corner we can see a special timer that shows the current date and time of the last update of the image from the webcam. 24-hour work and high quality images make this Maldives webcam interesting for viewing.

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