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This webcam is located in the very center of Paris and allows you to see in real time Place de la Concorde, which is the largest square of the French capital and the second largest in this country. This live webcam in Paris allows you to see the northern part of Place de la Concorde, on the west side of which (to the left) are the Champs Elysees. On the east side, this square is bordered by a huge green area in the center of Paris – the Tuileries Garden. The Place de la Concorde in Paris repeatedly changed its name: at the time of the monarchy, it was called the Louis 15 square, and after the establishment of the republic – the Revolution square. The current name of the Square of Concord was received in 1795.

The entire Concorde Square and the majestic buildings surrounding it are a monument of town planning of the era of classicism. Therefore, since 1937, the square has been included in the list of the main historical monuments of the country. Unfortunately, with the help of this webcam in Paris we can see only a few buildings, the main one of which is a beautiful building with columns (in the center of the screen). The building houses the old hotels Plessis-Bellière and Moreau, which have been occupied by the Automobile Club of France for many years (since 1898), which is the organizer of the country’s main autosport events, including the Formula 1 race of the French Grand Prix. By the way, in the same complex of buildings there is a large international organization – FIA or Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (International Federation of Autosport).

However, first of all, on the Place de la Concorde in Paris, we can see the most ancient historical monument of the city – a huge stone obelisk from Luxor (Egypt), which Mehmet Ali (ruler of Egypt) presented to France in 1831. The obelisk, created in the 13th century BC, was brought to France two years later and installed on the Place de la Concorde in December 1836. Delivery from Africa and the installation of a 250-ton obelisk with a length of 23 meters for that time was not an easy task, therefore all stages of transportation and installation were schematically carved on the pedestal of the obelisk. With this webcam in Paris, we can see that the top of the obelisk is decorated with gold. This was not always the case – the gilded top was made only in 1998.

Since this webcam in Paris overlooking Place de la Concorde, broadcast of which is provided by Viewsurf, is located at a great distance from this area, you can see a little shaking. This is due to the fact that, due to the large zoom, even minor camera vibrations caused by wind gusts cause such a visual effect. In the upper right corner of the webcam there is a timer with the current date and time in Paris. The best time to view this camera in real time is daylight, but due to sufficient artificial light in the dark, you can also look at Place de la Concorde in Paris online. Enjoy watching!

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