Panoramic webcam Krakow – Town Hall and Market Square

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This original panoramic webcam is located in the center of Krakow and allows real-time to see almost all territory of the Old Market Square (or as it is called themselves the people of Krakow – Main Market Square). Due to the periodic change of the angle – as a result of the smooth rotation of the camera – you can see not only the old town hall (when webcam turns in left side) and the Cloth Hall in the center of the square. When webcam Krakow turns in right side, you can see St. Mary’s Church, which attracts the eye with its beautiful architecture with asymmetrical towers and the fact that every hour on the high tower open windows and trumpeter, is the action of an employee of the city fire department, plays St. Mary’s trumpet Call – time signal. After this action all gathered at the square tourists applaud and trumpeter waving from the windows and closes them until their next appearance in an hour.

Main Town Hall, which can be seen at the moment when the camera moves to the left, fits perfectly into the architectural ensemble of the Market Square and its complementing harmoniously. Initially, the town hall was built in the Gothic style, but due to several fires and destruction in the Middle Ages and subsequent restorations eventually acquired the Baroque style. The high steeple hall is visible from almost all parts of Kraków, and the tower itself is interesting not only a clock on the facade, but also the fact that at the top there is a lookout with excellent views of the city, where you can get up to everyone for a small fee (about 1 euro in 2016 year). At the bottom of the town hall and its basement part was once a prison and housed the city treasury.

Also you must know, that under Main Market Square you can find amazing museum with very interesting exhibits (there are commonly used interactive elements, so even for children there will not be bore). Entrance to the Dungeon of Market is located right in Cloth Hall (on the side of St. Mary’s Church). The ticket offices – also in the Cloth Hall building, but on the side of Old City Hall. Note: this webcam (unlike most others in Krakow) does not start automatically. To start the webcam after opened this page, should click on the “Play” button in the middle of the playback window (white triangle). Also recall that the webcam of periodically rotated 180 degrees, so if it is temporarily not move, you have to wait about a minute. Have fun, and memorable excursions to the Market Square in Krakow!

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