Panoramic webcam in London in real time (Full HD)

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One of the most interesting webcams in London, which in real time allows you to see the many popular attractions of the capital of Great Britain. A feature of this webcam is its turning mechanism, thanks to which the webcam is constantly turning and we can see not only a specific area of ​​London, but a very large area of ​​the city. Of course, best of all we can see those buildings and facilities in London, which are located not very far from the location of this webcam. However, many sights of London are large, so even from a distance we can see their famous and easily recognizable silhouettes. To start viewing, click on the button in the center of the camera playback window!

Despite the wide viewing angle, this webcam does not allow to see a 360-degree panorama of the city, i.e. the camera does not rotate in a circle, but from right to left and back from left to right. At the end points of rotation, this webcam stops for a short time and then starts rotating again in the opposite direction. For example, the final turning point to the right is a true work of art engineering — the Shard London Tower, which is currently the tallest building in the British capital. By the way, on the top of this tower there is also a London webcam, which is also on the list of live webcams on

We can to list all the sights of London for a very long time, which can be seen in real time using this panoramic camera in London, but it’s better to see it once than read a hundred times. At any time of the day or night, you can easily see the towers and domes of old London cathedrals and the dense buildings of the City – the business district of London. Of course, in real time mode you can see the 40-story London skyscraper “The Gherkin” – the tower 30 St Mary Axe, which despite its futuristic appearance has become one of the symbols of the city, along with the classical sights of the city from past centuries . Also partly you can see the famous Ferris wheel – London Eye, which is located on the banks of the Thames.

Despite the enormous size (London is among the five largest cities in Europe), construction in the city never stops. At the same time, the capital of Great Britain is currently actively growing in height. Every year in the business district of the city you can see an increasing number of high-rise buildings. This is easily seen with the help of this panoramic webcam in London. In real time, we see not only the rows of modern skyscrapers, but also a large number of high cranes, many of which work even at night. Live broadcast of this webcam in London provides channel FineCine. At the top of the webcam, you can see a special timer that displays the actual date and time in London. Enjoy watching!

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