Panoramic webcam Hurghada – beach and Red Sea

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Panoramic webcam Hurghada, which thanks to the pivot mechanism allows you to cover a much larger area of the coast. The image is quite high resolution, so with this webcam you can well consider what is happening in this Egyptian resort in the vicinity of the whole complex of hotels Sunrise. This Hurghada webcam is installed directly on the Sunrise Mamlouk Palace Hotel. However, due to the fact that the territory of this hotel is a fairly narrow strip of land, leaving the sea in the direction of the main road, a large part of the territory of neighboring hotels also gets into the web camera’s lens. Please note: the panoramic webcam does not rotate all the time: periodically it stops for a while, and after it makes a turn and focuses on the next section of the beach or hotel territory.

In particular, most of the beach that can be seen with this webcam (when the latter is turned to the sea) is the beach of a nearby hotel – Sunrise Garden Beach. By the way, a long pier that extends into the sea more than 400 meters from the shore is built on the remnants of a coral reef in the southern part of Sunrise Garden Beach. Further behind the pier, in the background of the web camera, you can see another extensive beach-bay of the hotel Dana Beach Hurgada. By the way, behind the installation site of the camera is another hotel chain Sunrise (not included in the lens) – Sunrise Grand Select Crystal Bay Resort, which like other chain hotels has a similar organization of territory and beach.

On the perimeter of the hotel’s territory there are bungalows and dwellings for guests, in the most part in the central part is a place for recreation – swimming pools, gardens, amphitheatres, etc. Directly at the Sunrise Mamlouk Palace hotel, numerous artificial ponds with several original bridges that have a complex shape and give some coolness to the passing guests of the hotel are an ornament of the territory. All hotels in this district of Hurghada are quite new, so there are no old shady gardens yet, but the whole area is very well maintained – flower beds, palms and beautiful bushes. This webcam in Hurghada start broadcasting automatically after the page is loaded. In order to see the all available territory, you should wait for a while until the webcam completes a full turn. Enjoy watching!

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