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An interesting webcam with a panoramic view of Paris and its many attractions. This webcam is located in a suburb of the French capital called Meudon and is located less than 10 kilometers from the city center and about 6 kilometers from Versailles. Despite the long distance, with the help of this web camera you can see in real time the vast territory of Paris. This is due to the fact that the suburb of Medon is located on one high hills, whose height is 160 meters. By the way, that’s why there can be quite a different weather than in Paris. Often in the winter months near the webcam we can see the snow, while directly in the city limits of Paris there is no snow and it may rain or shine the sun.

It should also be noted that Medon is not a deaf French village, but one of the most beautiful places in the Paris region with a rich history. Since the Middle Ages, castles and palace complexes with magnificent parks have been built in Meudon. Famous for all Louis 14, the Marquise de Pompadour and other French nobles loved to relax in the area. A small but luxurious palace, built in the mid-18th century, was named Bellevue, which is a French as a “beautiful view.” Unfortunately, the events of the French Revolution did not spare most of the buildings that were destroyed or dismantled for building materials for the erection of buildings in Paris. However, a unique panoramic view of the capital of France has survived to this day, and with the help of this webcam in Paris we can see the city in all its splendor (in clear weather).

In the foreground of the web camera, we can see a fragment of the surviving palace, which in 1895 was converted into an observatory. It is in Meden that the largest instrument of the Parisian observatory, called the Grand Lunette, is a double photovisual refractor. And it is from the terrace of the observatory that the most famous view of Paris opens. With this webcam, we can see the Eiffel Tower, the River Seine and more than 10 beautiful bridges across it, numerous city blocks. Even Montmartre (the highest hill in Paris) with the magnificent basilica of Sacre Coeur can be seen in the background. The transmission of this webcam in Paris is provided by the Webcam-HD service. Webcam works around the clock in HD mode. Enjoy watching!

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