Panoramic live webcam of Budapest – river and bridges!

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This panoramic webcam of Budapest is located on a flat bank of the city – on the territory of Pest. Swivel mechanism of this webcam allows us to see not any one view, but a wide panorama of the city. The Danube River divides Budapest into two parts, which are very different from each other. A vintage and more modern bridges that connect the opposite bank of the river, and it is a real gem of the city, therefore this bridges usually included in a large list of Budapest attractions. The webcam works around the clock, at the same time it is not only periodically changes the perspective, but also zoom some of the objects in the frame for their detailed consideration. Therefore, you can spend a few minutes for see all the available for this webcam places in the city.

The Danube is one of the main European rivers, and in Hungary and in the capital of the country has a large river width and depth, which promotes the active use of river transport – passenger and freight. Therefore, with the help of this live webcam Budapest, you can see boats, which the periodically moving on the river. Also you can see river trams and large pleasure boats with restaurants and entertainment for tourists. As in some other European capitals, which have a wide river, Budapest’s bridges give the city a unique charm, it’s true architectural masterpieces with their own history. Liberty Bridge, Chain Bridge and Elizabeth Bridge over the Danube is often included in the standard sightseeing tours in Budapest, and it is justified.

In addition to bridges and full-flowing Danube, this live webcam Budapest allows you to see in real-time and other interesting attractions. For example, churches are located across the river, which are best seen during the zoom on the Chain Bridge. Also you can see on the opposite bank a several big hills with district of Great Palace and old ramparts – the former residence of Hungarian rulers. This webcam provides service EarthTV, which guarantees high-quality video and a stable job. Sometimes, before this webcam will broadcast live video, you must to watch a short promotional video (duration 7-20 seconds). Also similar commercial breaks can be during prolonged inactivity on the page. Enjoy watching!

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