Panorama of El Gouna – webcam of Hurghada (Egypt)

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On the page is an online webcam of Egypt, located in the resort of El Gouna, which is a young but already very popular and famous holiday destination on the Red Sea. Built in the manner of the Italian Venice, the resort is located on the many islets that surround the canals. Therefore, the main transport in El Gouna is small boats. The web-camera of El Gouna, located on this page, allows you to see the panorama of the resort itself. As with other online webcams in Egypt, the situation with El Gouna webcams is far from perfect; Most of the webcams declared on numerous web sites either do not work at all, or they give out a static image taken several years ago. Therefore, at the present time the number of really functioning webcams of the resort does not strike our imagination, but those that really work are presented on and are included in the selection of the best webcams of Hurghada – the closest from El Gouna mass resort of the country.

If you want to see the central part of the El Gouna resort in real time, you should wait a few seconds for this webcam, which  located on the page, will be load and the video playback started automatically. The El Gouna webcam is panoramic, which is not uncommon nowadays, but that is very convenient, because the periodic rotation of the camera allows you to see much more than if the camera was static. The panorama of El Gouna, which opens thanks to this cell, includes a part of the resort’s promenade with palm trees and berths for a different size of yachts, so the view turns out to be quite luxurious. Also you can admire the architecture of local hotels, the facades of restaurants and other tourist sites.

In addition to the fact that this web camera allows you to see the panorama of El Gouna, it periodically makes an approximation, allowing you to view some objects in more detail. As mentioned above, this Egyptian webcam online starts automatically after the page is loaded, but depending on the speed of the Internet connection, sometimes it may take 10-20 seconds to wait for the playback to start. Also, during long periods of inactivity, the broadcast may stop: in this case, click on the “Play” button (white triangle in the center of the webcam window) to continue browsing. I remind you that you can go back to the list of all online Hurghada webcams that are currently viewable at the link below.

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