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Padang-Padang beach in Bali is located in the southern part of this tropical island, on a small peninsula of Bukit, whose name is translated from Indonesian as a “hill”. Padang-Padang beach is only two kilometers from the famous Uluwatu beach. But if the beach Uluwatu is primarily one of the best places in the world for professional surfing, Padang-Padang is a beach for a comfortable beach holiday and just a very beautiful place, one of the most picturesque on the island of Bali in Indonesia. This real-time webcam shows the territory of the Padang-Padang beach and is rotational, i. E. periodically changes the angle so that we can see not only the Indian Ocean in the vicinity of the island of Bali, but also part of the coastline.

Another feature of the Padang-Padang beach is its small size. Compared to other popular Bali beaches that are several kilometers long and which you can also see with the help of live webcams of this island, Padang-Padang beach is quite tiny. In other words, the length of the beachfront of the Padang-Padang beach is about 150 meters (500 feet). However, the beach is very popular with tourists because of its beauty and the fact that it has natural protection against large waves and allows you to enjoy traditional beach rest – sunbathing on the sand and swim in very clean water. At the same time, the entrance to the water in Padang-Padang is very good and gentle. Despite the absence of large waves, a lot of surfers rest on the beach, usually beginners, because there are usually no large waves here.

Planning to visit to Padang-Padang, you have to take some money with you. Firstly, the entrance to this magnificent beach is paid, but the price is very affordable and amounts to 10000 IDR (10 thousand Indonesian rupees). This is approximately 0.67 USD, 0.6 Euro or 0.5 GBR (as of autumn 2018). The cost of visiting the beach for children is two times cheaper. Also on the beach you will find such pleasant services as renting beach umbrellas, equipment for relaxing on the water, as well as buy soft drinks and light snacks. There are no sunbeds here, but you can stay on a clean and soft sand. The beach of Padang-Padang is surrounded by beautiful green rocks, partially overhanging the water, and on the shore there are beautiful fragments of rocks, between which it is interesting to walk during low tide.

Broadcast of webcam from Padang Padang beach provides BaliForum channel – the world’s best forum for surfers, where you can get useful information about weather, wind speed and wave conditions at all popular surfing spots in the world. This Bali webcam on the Padang-Padang beach is located high above sea level for a better view and works around the clock, but at night there is practically nothing to see because of lack of lighting. Also, periodically during the broadcast, there may be temporary problems that are solved quickly enough. Enjoy watching!

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