Live webcam Ocean Drive (Miami Beach, FL)

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Ocean Drive in Miami is not just an road near beach, but the most famous street in the entire city, it has long since become a legend. For many Americans and foreigners it is Ocean Drive in Miami Beach epitomizes the entire American resort. So it is no coincidence that a webcam on Ocean Drive was not only included in this list of the best Miami webcams, and is on the first place in this list. When you hear the phrase “Ocean Drive” – you probably imagine it is a glamorous place in Miami: alley of tall palm trees, pink sidewalks, beautiful girls in bikinis, tourists in beach shorts with happy faces , athletes biking and rollerblading. And certainly a lot of expensive cars, that drive on Ocean Drive at any time of the day.

With this Miami webcams you can only see a small section of Ocean Drive, but it perfectly conveys the whole atmosphere of the resort on the main waterfront street. The first thing you can see in the picture – beautiful thick trunks of palm trees, which grow almost along the entire street, and give to this street unique appearance of a tropical resort. Webcam was rotated from the sea, so you have the opportunity to see many cafes under awnings and umbrellas on the opposite side of the road. United States of America – a country car, and Ocean Drive – the main place for rest in the resort. Therefore, on Ocean Drive periodically passing large pickups, vintage cars, luxury sports cars and bright cabriolets.

Broadcast of this Miami webcam from Ocean Drive provides Earthcam service. So you have the opportunity to not just watch what is happening in front of the webcam, but in some ways act as a director of broadcasting. In the upper left corner of the screen playback, you can see the virtual control buttons. Press the plus or minus sign, you have the opportunity to do an approximation and removal of objects in the frame. And the arrows up and down and side to side to help you make focus webcam on the interesting for you objects during their approximation. You can also zoom in and out objects using a computer mouse wheel, but process with the virtual buttons is more convenient.

Webcam Miami on Ocean Drive operates around the clock and seven days a week. So you can watch it at any time convenient for you. The truth is late at night and early in the morning, when most of the tourists resting in his hotels after last night’s party, not too many people and cars on the street. In the afternoon, the street becomes noticeably livelier, and after dark in many cafes and restaurants on Ocean Drive gets really noisy and fun. Bright lights on the street and in nearby cafes allows you to easily observe what is happening with the help of a web camera at any time. Enjoy watching!

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