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One of the most famous cathedrals of France and the most important symbol of Paris is Notre Dame de Paris in real live. Built on the site of the very first of the famous Catholic churches in Paris, Notre Dame de Paris is visited annually by more than 13 million tourists. Notre Dame de Paris is the real heart of Paris and all of France, because it was often the place where the most significant events in the life of the country took place. Construction of the cathedral was begun in the 12th century, and this building received its usual appearance in the 14th century. The highest point of Notre Dame de Paris is the spire in the central part, which was added in the first part of 19th century.

During construction, the architects of the cathedral had a clear plan – if necessary, Notre Dame de Paris should have accommodated all the inhabitants of Paris. Even with the help of this webcam, you can see how grandiose the cathedral is and how large it is. All this could not affect the speed of construction, because at the beginning of the last millennium technology was at a much more primitive level. For many centuries, Notre-Dame-de-Paris was the site of the coronation of the emperors of France, including Napoleon Bonaparte. The cathedral is also known as the place where the first meeting of the French parliament took place after the formation of the Republic.

Unfortunately, on April 15, 2019, Notre-Dame-de-Paris was seriously damaged by a fire that occurred at the top of the roof during restoration work. All night on April 16, firefighters fought the flame, but the roof of the Notre-Dame de Paris could not be saved – about 70% of the roof collapsed, and the burning spire fell earlier. Currently, using the webcam of Notre-Dame-de-Paris, you can see what is left of this grand cathedral. Fortunately, we managed to preserve two large towers and massive walls built as well as save all the relics stored inside (including the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ).

An international fundraising campaign has already been announced to restore this architectural monument of world significance, and at the moment, some of the richest people in France have already responded and promised to transfer 300 million euros. Thus, for many years, we will see with the help of this webcam in Paris, the broadcast of which is provided by Viewsurf, not the grandiose cathedral, as it was for centuries, but lengthy restoration work. It is hoped that, sooner or later, the building will acquire a familiar look, although unfortunately it will be almost impossible to restore some wooden interiors.

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