New York Times Square webcam – Duffy Square

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Another New York live webcam with sound, that in real time shows the life of the most famous square of this metropolis – Times Square. If we talk about the location of this live webcam, it is the facade of one of the buildings on Broadway, near the northern tip of Times Square. And to be more precise, it’s Duffy Square, which is one of the attractions of New York and is part of this famous square. If you do not live in New York and if you do not know much about the history of this city, then you might think that with this webcam you can see an ordinary city crossroad and someone’s monument. However, in reality, millions of people from all over the world visit this small square and take photos against it.

A small monument that you can see in the foreground is a monument to the hero of the First World War – Father Francis Duffy, by whose name this small square is named. And right behind the monument you can see a ladder of red color (sometimes the web camera make zooms to the nearest crossroad and turns to the right, then you can not see red stairs with the monument). Often you can see that people are coming up and down the stairs. In reality, these beautiful red steps from glass do not lead anywhere; It’s just the roof of the TKTS ticket booth where everyone can buy tickets for Broadway musicals, performances, concerts and other shows with a very substantial discount, which amounts to 25-50% of the standard price. For a long time the ticket booth had a different appearance, however it was rebuilt and reopened in October 2008.

Despite the apparent fragility of glass steps, the construction of the TKTS ticket booth is very durable and reliable. The red staircase in Times Square consists of 27 steps, while their width increases from the bottom to the top (the bottom step is 13.7 meters, and the upper one is a few meters wider). As a result, on this 20-meter staircase can be hundreds of people at the same time (up to 1500 people with a uniform distribution). Probably not all of the readers of this article understood, for what to climb the ladder, which does not lead anywhere? The answer in reality is very simple: to see the Times Square from a height of 4.9 meters. It is at this height above the level of the sidewalk that the red staircase raises, and this allows us to even better view the panorama of Times Square and its always bright outdoor advertising. By the way, the staircase itself is also illuminated by thousands of red LEDs, so it does not look like a foreign element on such a bright city square. Using the virtual buttons on the top right or the mouse wheel, you can make the approximation of objects in the frame.

A little further to the right you can see a busy crossroad of city: in this place intersect Broadway and West 47th street of New York. And right in front of this live webcam in New York, which broadcasted by EarthCam, you can see the familiar symbol in the form of a yellow M – fast food restaurant McDonald’s. Given the incredibly high real estate prices in this area of New York, it can be assumed that this is the most prestigious place for the McDonald’s chain of restaurants throughout America. And with the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people every day in Times Square (guests of the city and its residents) – we can confidently say that such an institution is never empty and only brings profit to its owners. The New York City webcam overlooking Times Square (Duffy Square) is work 24 hours a day, and thanks to the bright illumination of all surrounding buildings, you can follow New York’s life on the famous square at any time of the day. Enjoy watching!

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