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Despite the fact that this webcam is in the selection of the best webcams in Hurghada, the place of its installation is not directly a popular resort. Makadi Bay is a natural bay of the Red Sea, which is located about thirty kilometers south of the center of Hurghada and just 18 kilometers from the international airport of this famous resort in Egypt All hotels that are already open to tourists and are built in the area of the Makadi Bay, are administratively assigned to Hurghada, the province of the Red Sea. But in essence Makadi Bay is already almost independent resort with its own infrastructure and features that distinguish it from Hurghada. The construction site of the new tourist center was chosen the cleanest coast of Egypt, which until this time was one of the deserted areas on the coast of the country.

It mean that Makadi Bay is one of the few places that was originally planned as a world class resort, and not a former fishing village, as it happens with 90% of all world resorts, including neighboring Hurghada. With this live webcam Hurghada from the very shore of Makadi Bay, you can see only a small part of the resort and, above all, white sandy beaches and the clearest sea. As already mentioned above, the resort was built “from scratch” since the early 1990s, so the place for this was chosen the best. In addition to the purest sea, which in Egypt is not uncommon, in the Makadi Bay area, there is a surprisingly rich underwater world – flora and fauna. There are not very many operating hotels in this gulf of Red sea – less than two dozen.

But what are these hotels! Real oases with huge well-groomed areas, excellent luxury rooms, quality food, magnificent mountain and desert landscapes around and a full range of water attractions and attractions. Webcam Hurghada from Makadi Bay is launched automatically after the page has loaded. As a rule, you should wait a few seconds to load the streaming video – until this point the playback window will be black. This webcam from Hurghada district  work around the clock. But the best time to watch is the bright time of the day. In 2017, the webcam in Makadi Bay was turned in the opposite direction. Now you can see a small lagoon and a long pier, at the end of which there is a small parking lot for yachts and boats. Enjoy watching!

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