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London live camera with a view of one of the new symbols of the city – the London Eye. This structure was built for six years on the south bank of the River Thames and was completed in 2004. Despite the fact that initially the Ferris wheel was considered a temporary structure, which after the completion of construction will function for about a year, the London Eye wheel repeated the fate of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and became one of the symbols of the city. And thanks to a height of 135 meters (the height of an average 45-storey building), the Ferris wheel is still one of the best viewing platforms in London. In clear weather, when there is no fog or smog in London, you can see the city and its surroundings for 40 kilometers from the capsules of the London Eye, which located at the top of the wheel.

Using this webcam, which is located some distance from the Ferris wheel, it may seem that the capsules are small and designed for several people. In reality, this wheel is the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. In the each of London Eye ovoidal capsules can accommodate up to 25 passengers, and the total number of capsules is 32. This number was not chosen by chance by the authors of the project, which was made by a married couple of architects – David Marks and Julia Barfield. That is the number of administrative districts (borough) in London. Wheel speed is not very high and is only 0.9 km / h (0.56 miles per hour). However, this allows us to examine in detail the city and its surroundings, because the Ferris wheel makes a complete revolution in half an hour. In other words, up to 800 people can simultaneously be passengers of the London Eye.

This London live webcam is being broadcast by Park Plaza hotels. In this case, the update interval for each online photo is 5 minutes. On the other hand, a similar scheme of work allows us to see London using this webcam at any five-minute interval in the last 24 hours. For this, there is a special scale at the bottom of the playback window, with which you can choose any moment of interest. For example, if you watch a webcam during the day, but want to see how the London Eye looks at night (and at night it certainly has a beautiful color backlight, which changes periodically). In order to return to the most current photo, click on the “Live” button in the lower right corner.

It is also worth noting that the London Ferris Wheel, which can be seen with this live camera, is the launching point for the traditional New Year’s fireworks in the capital of Great Britain. And in the lens of a webcam you cam see other famous landmarks in London. For example, in the background you can see the famous Big Ben clock tower, which is currently under reconstruction, as well as part of the Palace of Westminster. By the way, another London webcam, which was added to the site earlier, allows you to see these sights in more detail. The installation site of this webcam is a respectable Park Plaza Hotel, located near the Ferris wheel in the Lambeth area. Enjoy wathing this webcam andyour travel to London!

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