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A new live webcam of the Sharm-el-Sheikh, which work around the clock on the this famous Egyptian resort in the Sinai Peninsula. Webcam is not a panoramic from a technical point of view (not rotated during the broadcast), but thanks to the installation site offers a great panoramic view on the large bay of the Red Sea, which is spread on the coast resort. Naama Bay (Naama Bay) is one of the most prestigious areas of Sharm el-Sheikh, and this webcam just allows you to see it with my own eyes in real time. You have the opportunity to see the current time on the timer webcam, opportunity to check the temperature in the resort at the current time and open the webcam on the entire computer screen or laptop.

In addition to the big bay with numerous yachts and boats, in web camera lens gets a significant stretch of coastline with hotels. In the foreground is a small parking lot, stalls with souvenirs and the famous Naama Bay Casino. Broadcast of this webcam usually start automatically when you open the page. In the absence of activity in a few minutes you may need to reload the page (or click the triangle in the center of the screen). At the moment, the opportunity to expand the image to fill the screen missing, said function may be added later when changing video player.

Over the past year the number of tourists in Egypt, and in the resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh has declined considerably. So sometimes while watching this this webcam you may find that the resort even lifeless. Of course, this is not so, and many tourists from around the world continue to rest on the shore of the Red Sea. And those who currently can not arrive at the resort, has the opportunity to see your favorite panoramas using this online webcam Sharm El Sheikh. Enjoy watching!

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