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Webcam in Sharm el-Sheikh, which located in the newest shopping and entertainment complex of the Egyptian resort called Hollywood. The complex covers a very large area, because its area to date is over 80 thousand square meters. This webcam in real time is a panoramic (turning), so every several minutes in the review you can see a significant part of the entertainment area with buildings of shops and cafes, attractions and places for walking. When this webcam turns to the left side, you can see part of the “Jurassic Park” – the huge dinosaurs that move and make sounds when approaching people to them.

At the front plan we can see a real masterpiece of Italian engineers – the largest in Egypt dancing fountain, an area of 2.2 thousand square meters. Knowing the schedule of the fountain, you can watch the extravaganza of sound and light, while you stay in a few thousand kilometers from Sharm El-Sheikh. True pity that webcam does not transmit original sound, and only the panoramic image. The playback start automatically, when you open the page.  After prolonged inactivity, you may need to update the page to continue viewing this webcam Sharm El Sheikh in real time.

As is the case with other live webcams on the territory of this Egyptian resort, you have the opportunity to observe what is happening in front of the webcam lens in full-screen mode. To do this, click on the button at the bottom right of the playback window. To make sure that the webcam really works in live mode, in the upper part you can see a timer that shows the current time in Egypt. And for more information about Sharm el-Sheikh you can find at the top of the screen temperature at the resort at the time. Good artificial lighting allows you to watch this webcam even after dark in Egypt. Moreover, the original night lighting completely changes the appearance of the whole entertainment complex Hollywood and makes it more festive and bright.

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