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This is one of the most unusual Prague webcams and even in Europe. Its main feature is the constant change of perspective. It means, the camera constantly rotating (with small breaks) and zoom makes the most interesting in the capital of the Czech Republic facilities. The number of objects for viewing is not three, not five, or even ten, for twenty! Web camera work is accompanied by pleasant classical music, which is the volume you can adjust using the virtual buttons located at the bottom of the video player . I am sure you will easily cope with it, because the work of this online webcam Prague organized with the help of Youtube video service from Google, which everyone is familiar.

Some disadvantage of this web camera mounted on one of lighting a match in a stadium Strahov district  – is trembling image. This is due to the presence of the wind when you install webcams at high altitudes, as well as a very large zoom. Most of the objects in the frame are located at a great distance from the webcam installation space, so even a slight movement of her influence on the stability of the video. In order for all to watch this webcam and understand what it shows at the moment, in the upper part you can read the name of the object that is currently in focus. After each rotation of the webcam, this inscription in English, is also changed.

To you clearly represent what objects are available for viewing, the following is a list of them with a brief description.

– Vysehrad Bridge – old steel railway bridge over the Vltava River in Prague. Built more than a hundred years ago, only a few days on the site of the old bridge. At the same time (according to legend) the movement of trains across the river were suspended just two hours. At the maximum approximation of the webcam Prague you can see pedestrians and cyclists who are moving along the tracks of the bridge at special footpaths width of 2 meters.

– Congress Sentre – a huge four-story building, built in 1975 as a local Palace of Culture, and now – the place of the most important exhibitions in the Czech Republic and one of the best concert halls in Europe with its unique acoustics. Despite its age, the building has a very modern decoration and equipment.

– Nusle bridge – the highest bridge in the Czech Republic. On the bridge passes a one of major highway and the tunnel has one of the lines of the Prague metro inside the bridge. This webcam shows Nusle bridge from two angles.

– Church of st. Wenceslas – one of the oldest churches in Prague, located on Resslova street, which is not only a religious and architectural, but historical landmark also.

 – Jesuit church of St. Ignatius – Jesuit temple of the 17th century, one of the oldest buildings in the city in the early Baroque style. Temple complex in size among the three largest Jesuit complex in Europe.

– Church of St. Ludmila – A magnificent temple in the Gothic Revival style built in 1893. Saint Ludmila died a martyr’s death and is considered the patron of the Czech Republic.

– National museum – due to the large distances by means of the web-camera can only see the domes of the building – the main big dome and small domes on the side. At present the building is under construction, which is more clearly seen with the help of webcam Prague on Wenceslas Square (you can find in a list of best live webcams of Prague on the website).

– Zizkov Television Tower – the tallest building in the Czech Republic (216 meters), is the current television tower in Prague. Built of concrete and often falls into the list of the ugliest buildings in Europe. On the tower there is a restaurant and observation deck.

– Main Railway Station – main railway junction in Prague and in the Czech Republic. A modern building built in the early twentieth century Art Nouveau. In the 70s of the last century to the building was attached one of the metro stations.

– Cathedral of St. Cyril and Methodius -. Prague’s main Orthodox temple since 1933 year. Before this time, temple, which was built in 1736, it was a Catholic church).

– Olympik Interhotel – the famous 4-star hotel in Prague.

– Petrin Lookout tower – 60-meter tower on the same name hill in Prague, which was built in 1891 year. The initiators of the construction was the Club of Czech Tourists, which is so love the Eiffel Tower in Paris, that they wanted to have similar tower in Prague. Tower really is very similar to the upper part of the famous tower in Paris.

– St Vitus Cathredral (Cathedral of St. Vitus, Wenceslaus and Adalbert) – the main Catholic cathedral in Prague and the Czech Republic. Construction was started in the 14th century and was completed only in the early 20th century. The cathedral is not by chance called the pearl of European Gothic, because the majesty and beauty of this temple is very impressive. It is no coincidence that the Cathedral in the center of Prague Castle is one of the main travel cards of the city.

– Great Strahov Stadium – one of the largest stadiums in the world, built on top of a Strahov hill in Prague. The stands of the stadium can accommodate up to 220 thousand people, and field area – 63 thousand square meters. The stadium is the seat of the installation of the online webcam Prague and is shown in two ways.

– Overview Praha – just a panoramic view of the city.

– Skyscrapers in Pankrac – a view to the one of new district of the city – Pankrác with the highest buildings of the city.

– Podoli Embankment – view of the promenade in a small area of the city with a population of 14 thousand people.

– Vysehrad Fortress – an ancient fortress on a hill and historic district in the southern part of Prague. With this live webcam Prague you can see the main attraction – the church of St. Peter and Paul in the Neo-Gothic style

– Vyton – one of the city areas with the embankment on the Vltava River in Prague.

I hope you have the patience to see all angles of this live webcam Prague and read their descriptions. In any case, I wish you pleasant viewing.

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