Live webcam Paris – view of the Seine and bridges

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A popular live webcam in Paris, which allows you to see the city’s main river in real time. Seine for the French is not just a river, but one of the main symbols of Paris and the whole country. On the banks of the Seine, there are numerous city sights, historical monuments and simply beautiful buildings that for centuries have inspired artists, writers and composers, and nowadays attract millions of tourists from all over the world to Paris. With the help of this webcam in Paris, we can see the Seine from the height of one of the high-rise buildings on the left bank of this river in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, as well as two automobile bridges across the Seine, one of which is located in the central part of the webcam, and the second – at a greater distance. During the floods in Paris with this webcam you can see the water level in the Seine in real time.

The light green bridge, located in the foreground of the webcam, is called the Mirabeau Bridge (surname of famous French politician). The length of the bridge is 173 meters with a width of 20 meters (of which 12 meters are allocated to the roadway, and 4 meters on each side – to the footpaths). In architectural terms, the Mirabeau Bridge is a steel arch bridge on concrete supports. This bridge across the Seine consists of three arches, while its central arch has a length of 93 meters and under it the movement of river vessels is carried out. In the junction of the arches the bridge is decorated with four large sculptures of green color. Despite the impressive size and weight of the structure, the Mirabeau bridge does not seem massive due to the numerous openwork ornaments in the railing area. Beautiful views of the river and the Eiffel Tower make this bridge a popular place for photo sessions in Paris, including wedding photo sessions. a few centuries after the construction is quite spectacular symbol of Venice, against which all necessarily want to make a quality photo or selfie photo.

Since the webcam is located on a building in the 15th arrondissement of Paris and turned into the side of the river, then with this camera online you can see the extensive panorama of the 16th district of the city, which is located on the opposite bank of the Seine. On the bottom left you can see a fragment of a modern building made of glass and concrete. This Crystal Tower – is a 100-meter office building designed in the late 20th century. To the right of the building is the Grenelle Bridge across the Seine, the central part of which rests on the island of Swan in river. And it is under this bridge that a miniature copy of the New York Statue of Liberty is installed. Broadcast of this webcam provides Webcam-HD, where you can find dozens of other live webcams in France. At the top of the webcam there is a timer, with which you can see the date and the current time in Paris. This webcam works around the clock. Enjoy watching!

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