Live webcam of London – City skyline

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This London webcam in real time allows us to see several famous sights of the city at once. At first glance, it seems that the camera is located far from the center of London, because we can see on the horizon the business district of the capital of Great Britain and other objects that are located in the historical center. In reality, this webcam is also located close to the center and proves once again that London is a very big city. The location of this webcam is a five-star hotel London Hilton on Park Lane. The modern building of this hotel has 28 floors and more than 450 rooms of various classes. At the same time London webcam is located on the top floor. Due to this we can see the same interesting panorama of London as the guests of the most expensive rooms of this hotel in the British capital.

In the foreground we can see a large park area. In fact, two parks hit the lens of this online camera: Green Park and St. James Park. The significance of these parks for UK residents and tourists can be indicated by the fact, that between these two parks is located Buckingham Palace, which for many centuries is the official London residence of the British monarchs. By the way, right next to the London Hilton on Park Lane is another famous London park – Hyde Park. The area of ​​this park is several times larger than the area of ​​both parks near the royal residence combined. All this makes the area near the London Hilton on Park Lane very green and pleasant for walking at any time of the day.

This webcam does not have a turning mechanism, but due to the high location above ground level we can see such London sights as the Shard Tower (the tallest building in the city), the London Eye, domes of ancient cathedrals, towers of palaces and of course, the area of ​​modern skyscrapers in the heart of the London is the City of London. Some of these objects are already available for more detailed viewing using other London webcams on this site. London’s webcam from the London Hilton on Park Lane hotel operates on the principle of an online slideshow, while you have the opportunity to see London at any of the 5-minute intervals over the previous day. Those. at any time, we can see not only the latest online image, but we can also see how London looks at a different time of day. To do this, use the scale at the bottom of the playback window. Enjoy watching!

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