Live webcam Nice – the beach on the Promenade des Anglais

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This live webcam Nice (France) is located on the famous Promenade des Anglais of resort. You can not see with this camera too large a section of the city, but you will see the main attraction of this resort of the French Riviera – the magnificent Mediterranean Sea. Of course, this sea can be seen on dozens of resorts of several countries in the region, but this fantastic color of sea could be see only in Nice. Therefore, it is not surprising that this place attracts thousands of tourists as a magnet, who want to spend their unforgettable vacation in the most famous resort of the French Riviera. This Nice webcam online allows you to see one of the sections of a city beach that has its distinctive features.

All the beaches of Nice are located along the Promenade des Anglais on the banks of the Bay of Angels (baie des Anges). Therefore, the length of the beach line exceeds five kilometers. Planning your holiday in Nice, you should be aware that there are 37 beaches in the city, of which 22 are free and 15 are paid. Virtually all the beaches in Nice are pebble. On the one hand, this allows you to keep the purity and transparency of the water even near the shore. On the other hand, walks and runs on such pebbles barefoot are not entirely convenient. Therefore, almost everywhere at the entrance to the beach you have the opportunity to purchase a special rubber shoes that will protect your feet.

Despite the large number of free beaches, many tourists prefer to take sunbath on paid. This is due to the fact that there are almost no amenities on free beaches. This means that there are no sun beds, umbrellas and changing rooms. Even a shower that allows you to wash off sea salt from the body after swimming in the sea is not available on all of the 22 free beaches. The toilet is also paid and there is not on all free beaches. But on the paid beaches you will be provided with all the necessary amenities: a shower with cold and hot water, a toilet, sun beds and umbrellas, cafes, bars and restaurants. On some toll beaches there are sandy areas where it is more convenient to swim without special shoes. This live webcam Nice is located opposite one of the toll beaches, as evidenced by modern white beach umbrellas and a canopy of the beach restaurant.

The swimming season in Nice lasts about five months, but in May and the first half of June the sea water is still little bit cold and not every tourist dares to swim in such water. By early July, the water temperature rises to 26 degrees Celsius and remains warm until the end of summer. In September, the sea begins to cool gradually, but the water is still warm for swimming. At the same time in Nice begins the so-called “velvet season” – perhaps the best time to relax at the resort, when the sea water is still warm, and the days are not as hot as in the summer. At the same time, prices at the resort are already dropping and even middle-income people can relax in Nice. As you can see with the help of the timer in the top right corner of Nice’s webcam, the video is broadcast with some delay (about 10 minutes). The webcam is open around the clock and can be opened to the full screen. Enjoy watching and have a good travel on the beaches of Nice!

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