Live Webcam Nha Trang – Beach Road and Central Park

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Another Nha Trang webcam in real time, which is located in the city area of this popular resort in Vietnam. As you can see, the webcam is placed on the facade of the building a few meters from the street level. This arrangement makes the review more broad and interesting. The wide street that can be seen in the foreground is called Trần Phú (Chan Phu) and this is indeed the most famous street in Nha Trang, which all tourists who are visiting the resort know. The popularity of this street is explained by the fact that Chan Phu is the main transport and pedestrian highway running along the coast of Nha Trang. in fact it is the main beach street of the resort, which is separated from the sandy beach only by a narrow park area. The street name is not translated into other languages, tk. she was named after the name of the first secretary, who headed the Communist Party of the country.

Webcam Nha Trang overlooking the beach street is located next to the well-known in the resort Aun Thu shop, which specializes in selling products and souvenirs from the skin of the crocodile (you can buy bags, gloves, wallets, shoes and even sneakers from crocodile skin). This is the central part of the street, near the old Nha Trang Airport, which is located directly in the city (a new international airport that is used for commercial flights, is located 30 kilometers from the resort to the south). The narrow pavement of the beach street is separated from the roadway by a number of trees and power transmission pillars, which in this place are many dozen black wires (as in most cities of Thailand). The timer at the top of the webcam shows the current time at the resort and the current date.

And a little further behind the beach street, on which a two-lane traffic is organized in each direction and there is a dividing strip, is a zone of resting area and parks. This green zone protects the resort beach from road noise, because the traffic along the beach street of Nha Trang is very lively. And in the most hot daytime hours is a place where you can hide from the sun’s rays in the shade of trees. If to talk directly about this webcam, then across the road from it is the main park of the resort – Central Park Nha Trang. It should be noted that the Central Park of Nha Trang is not just a pedestrian walkway between trees, bushes and flower beds. In Nha Trang, this is a real recreation area with clubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, swimming pools and even a few hotels. Therefore, even with the help of this webcam Nha Trang, broadcasted by Nhatranginfo, you can see a large number of people who enter the Central Park through one of the main entrances. The webcam is in 24/7 mode. Enjoy watching!

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