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With this Nha Trang webcam in real time, you can see the situation on the busy city street Nguyễn Thiện Thuật. This street was named after the famous revolutionary leader of Vietnam, who became famous for commanding the armed forces of the country during the struggle for independence (against the French colonial authorities). Nguyễn Thiện Thuật street has a length of about six hundred meters and is located approximately in the center of the main city beach of Nha Trang, but at some distance from the sea. In simple terms, this is not the first beach line, but the third. However, there are a lot of hotels, popular with independent travelers who prefer to live for little money, but with an acceptable level of comfort and not far from big sand beach.

Despite the fact that this third street from the beach, this place is very lively. Webcam Nha Trang located on the facade of one of the buildings, and in the foreground is a carriageway with a rather brisk movement. At any time of day (except for the deep night) you can see traffic from cars, two-wheeled and three-wheeled motorcycles and large tourist buses. Also, a very large number of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, we can see in the parking lot of hotels and bars, which are also available on this street and are popular with tourists and locals. At the same time, you can find here not only Vietnamese cafes and bars, but also bars of musical orientation, sushi bars, cafe restaurants of other cuisines of the world.

Of course, most of the institutions on the street have bright neon signs that look especially bright in the evening and at night. One of the most budget hotels, which can be booked online with Hotellook at the best price on this street, is the Dui Phuoc Hotel (high, light building in the central part of the webcam) with the cost of rooms from 9 USD per double room per night and from 23 USD for a deluxe room. And Cuong Long Hotel on the same street will cost from 17 USD for a double room. This is a good price for living 10 minutes from the beach of the resort. Of course, there are also more expensive hotels of category 3 and 4 stars on the street, which you can also find and book at a better price with Hotellook, selecting the best market value of the rooms at the time of search from all reservation systems. Webcam Nha Trang, broadcasted by Nhatranginfo, works around the clock. Enjoy watching!

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